I have a friend who I got to know through basketball, and during a game, he is one of those players who never dwell on the mistakes made. If he or someone in his team causes a turn over, he’s very quick to say, “It’s okay! It’s okay! Play on.” Watching him playing from outside, it’s very easy to think, ‘Ah! I can do that too. If I or one of my team-mates causes a turn-over, I’ll be very quick to react that positively. EASY!”, but once you actually get into the court, start playing and cause a turn-over, it is almost impossible to understand how one can just say, “It’s okay!” and keep playing. So about a week ago, I asked him how he does that, and he answered (paraphrased), “In basketball, you need to have short term memory.” Continue reading “SHORT-TERM MEMORY.”




HAPPY NEW MONTH! Welcome to today’s post.

If you talk to someone who knows me and has seen my interactions with the people that I am featuring in today’s post, they will tell you that I am being biased, and that I only featured them because they are my friends; and you know what? They may be right, but before we get into that, if you missed YoungInspiration 101 #9, which was my chat with Derick, who is a young agribusinessman, you can catch up here. Now back to what I was talking about, I realized that I have shared inspiration that I get from people all around (we’ve even crossed borders to Nigeria right here), but I failed to share the inspiration that I get from those that I talk to almost every day. So, today, that’s going to change.

I often play basketball with these four people, and I can honestly say that I have been able to grow so much because of them, both on and off court. I asked them a few questions relating to what we all share in common (our love for the game), and here’s how that went. ENJOY! Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #10 // COLLABORATIVE POST.”


Back in my first year of high school, I was having a conversation with two of my friends. It was just when Facebook had become a big hit and we were among the ‘cool’ people who were a part of this new social network. One of my friends, let’s call her A, asked (paraphrased), “Are y’all on Facebook? What are your usernames?” My other friend, let’s call her B, went first and gave her username. It was basically the shortened version of her first name, and her second (or surname, I’m not sure) in full. Then friend A went next. Same thing as B. First name shortened, second/surname full. My turn, I gave my username. It was full versions of both my first and surname. As soon as they heard that, friend A initiated laughter and then they were both laughing. I asked what was wrong, and friend A explained that I was using full names, and that was funny (apparently it was cool to have nicknames on Facebook). Continue reading “DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY ( + Blog Update).”

DEALING WITH CREATIVE BLOCKS // (April Photography Portfolio)



In this post I will be sharing a few of the pictures that I took in the month of April. I didn’t have so much success in this though, and that’s because I was going through a huge creative block; so as I share these pictures that I was successful in taking, I will also talk a bit about this creative block.

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It’s been literally months since I posted in this specific category. However, do not mistake the silence to mean that I have not been encountering young people who are changing the world. I still meet and interact with them every day, I just happened to let it slip my mind that I have a little space where I can share their amazing gifts with others. That being said, I do apologize for slacking in this category, and I will try to be much more consistent in it.

First things first, if you missed YoungInspiration 101 #8, which was my convo with photographer, Phylo, you can read it right here.

Onto today’s post, Derick and I take the same course in school, and we have become very good friends over the past two years. Late last year, I began to notice that he was becoming quite busy; you know how after class you just hang around for a few minutes to catch up with friends? Yea, well, he would be in very much of a hurry to accomplish some project outside of school. After a little while, he explained to me that he had began to venture into his passion; farming, and was over-seeing some agricultural projects, which, I may add, have been quite a success. I have seen his hustle grow to a point that he even got to be featured in a magazine very recently (*standing ovation please!!*). Enough intro, let’s hear it from the man himself below: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #9”


Sometime back, I went out to play with our puppies. I was wearing slippers. I had a little fun with them, then I decided to go back to the house. As I was leaving, I realized that one slipper was quite heavy, and on checking under to see what was there, what I dreaded the most turned out to be true; DOG POOP! Continue reading “STOP OVERTHINKING/CREATING NON-EXISTENT PROBLEMS.”

BE MORE PATIENT! // (March Photography Portfolio)


It’s been a little while, so I am going to get straight into it. This month, I have found myself learning a lot about patience, and different situations where you need to practice it; so I will be highlighting a few of them, as I also share with you my photography portfolio for March. In this portfolio, I will be sharing some of the portraits that I have taken, mostly of family (all but one were taken this year). Basically, this is a sort of two-in-one type of blog post. Enjoy!

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