HAPPY NEW MONTH! Welcome to today’s post.

If you talk to someone who knows me and has seen my interactions with the people that I am featuring in today’s post, they will tell you that I am being biased, and that I only featured them because they are my friends; and you know what? They may be right, but before we get into that, if you missed YoungInspiration 101 #9, which was my chat with Derick, who is a young agribusinessman, you can catch up here. Now back to what I was talking about, I realized that I have shared inspiration that I get from people all around (we’ve even crossed borders to Nigeria right here), but I failed to share the inspiration that I get from those that I talk to almost every day. So, today, that’s going to change.

I often play basketball with these four people, and I can honestly say that I have been able to grow so much because of them, both on and off court. I asked them a few questions relating to what we all share in common (our love for the game), and here’s how that went. ENJOY! Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #10 // COLLABORATIVE POST.”




It’s been literally months since I posted in this specific category. However, do not mistake the silence to mean that I have not been encountering young people who are changing the world. I still meet and interact with them every day, I just happened to let it slip my mind that I have a little space where I can share their amazing gifts with others. That being said, I do apologize for slacking in this category, and I will try to be much more consistent in it.

First things first, if you missed YoungInspiration 101 #8, which was my convo with photographer, Phylo, you can read it right here.

Onto today’s post, Derick and I take the same course in school, and we have become very good friends over the past two years. Late last year, I began to notice that he was becoming quite busy; you know how after class you just hang around for a few minutes to catch up with friends? Yea, well, he would be in very much of a hurry to accomplish some project outside of school. After a little while, he explained to me that he had began to venture into his passion; farming, and was over-seeing some agricultural projects, which, I may add, have been quite a success. I have seen his hustle grow to a point that he even got to be featured in a magazine very recently (*standing ovation please!!*). Enough intro, let’s hear it from the man himself below: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #9”


Hey there! Before I go on, if you haven’t read YoungInspiration101 #7, which was my ‘mini-interview’ with my good friend, Grace Nasike, you can do so right here.

Today, I will be featuring a friend of mine, and an amazing upcoming photographer as well, Philip. Funny story, I got to know Philip through a silly challenge that I was doing on facebook. I will be honest and say that, I totally did not imagine that we would remain friends this long, but here we are. Philip’s pictures stand out on social media (I can literally tell that a picture is his before liking it or seeing the user’s name); not just in terms of quality, but in terms of the story that they try to tell. It’s very easy to look at one simple picture of his, and have a million thoughts race through your mind in that very moment. Below is my chat with Phylo; Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #8”


Hey there! Before I go on, if you missed YoungInspiration101 #6, which was my conversation with my friend, Brenda, you can get caught up right here.

Onto today’s post, as with Brenda (from the previous YoungInspiration101 post), I met Grace Nasike in high-school. Unfortunately, as it often happens, we slowly grew apart after we both cleared HS. We didn’t really talk on whatsapp or other personal platforms; it was maybe a ‘hey’ on facebook today and a little self-promo (by me) on instagram tomorrow. However, through this very means of social media, I was able to ‘stay updated’ on how and what Nasike was doing, and I must say, I was always impresssed; studying medicine, getting nominated for awards, creating/pioneering organizations with a good cause; if that is not the definition of inspiration, then I am not sure what is. Eventually, I decided to get in touch with her, and below is my chat with Grace Nasike, a young girl who is slowly but steadily shaping the course of the world: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #7”


Hello there! Before I go on with this post, if you missed YoungInspiration101 #5, which was my chat with upcoming lawyer, Kennedy, you can read it here.

Today, I will be featuring my pal, Brenda. I have known Naitore (Brenda) for a few years now, and I have always considered her to be my good friend. We met in high-school, and though she was an year behind me, I couldn’t help but notice the heart of gold which this girl carried within her. She was (and still is) very kind, caring, supportive; and it was no surprise that as soon as she cleared high-school, she was already deeply involved in several voluntary projects. This is something truly admirable, and, young as she may be, it is something that we all (old and young) can borrow from her. Below is my ‘mini written interview’ with this girl who has a heart of gold: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #6”


Hello there! Yeap, it’s not Monday, but I’m back again! Before I go further, if you haven’t read YoungInspiration101#4, which was my conversation with a really inspiring Nigerian friend of mine, Chimfeka, go ahead and click here.

Onto today’s post, I have known Kennedy for quite a long time, about six-seven years or more. He is one of those really book-smart people, and it’s no surprise that he decided to venture into law. We are at a time where the presence of justice in the society is questioning, and I felt that it would be perfect to hear from a person directly involved or focused on that specific area. I must admit, I expected that this would be one of those posts that you’d need a hot cup of coffee to get through ( know, big vocabulary, mind boggling terms and stuff!?), but it is hands-down one of the most interesting posts that I’ve done. It’s really good; no need for coffee, a soda will do just fine!

A bit of a long intro there! Let’s dive right in to the ‘mini-interview’ now, shall we?: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #5”


Hey! I’m back again. Real quick, if you haven’t read YoungInspiration101 #3, which was my little chat with my good friend, David, click here and get caught up.

Now, I’m extremely excited about this post because *drumrolls* we are crossing borders and going all the way to Nigeria!! About two years ago, I got the beautiful opportunity to interact with the smart minds of young people all over Africa on an online platform, and it is here that I got to know Chimfeka. Years down, we have still kept in touch. I told Chimfeka that he inspires me, and he was quite surprised. Truth is, sometimes we inspire people and we do not even know it.

Now that is enough for an intro; let’s get straight into my conversation with Chimfeka:

Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #4”