It’s Monday people! It’s Monday; and if you are anything like Garfield, you are probably having a grumpy morning / day, complaining about how the weekend went by so fast. Well, I am not here to lecture you about how you should quit whining and appreciate everything that you have, or how you should be doing a job that you love enough to look forward to Mondays ( that’s for another post); I am here to try and make your morning / day better by combining laughter from Aunty Acid, with a little inspiration ( yes I did something that crazy! I drew inspiration form Aunty Acid memes).

I hope this makes your day better! 🙂 Continue reading “AUNTY ACID INSPIRATION.”


Oh Jughead! I am not sure when exactly I began to really like his character; probably in my early teens when I first began reading the Archie and friends comic books, or when I watched how well Cole Sprouse brought him out in the series ‘Riverdale’. All the same, Jughead was just….JUGHEAD. I have used the phrase; “Be a Jughead!” in a number of my posts so many times. However, if you haven’t read the Archie and friends comic books, or watched the series ‘Riverdale’, you probably don’t know why I keep saying that.

For that reason, I chose to share with you three of the many ways in which Jughead Jones inspires me. Let’s proceed! Continue reading “BE A JUGHEAD!”


Vulnerability, yea? Truth is, almost everyone prefers to put up a wall and shut everybody out, due to fear of rejection, pain, heartbreak, disappointment and the like. Though that is understandable, it isn’t how it should be.

Sometimes, we need to stop being robots, and start being humans. Sometimes, we need to get in touch with our emotions. Sometimes, however risky it may be, we need to take the gamble and lay our feelings all out in the open. Sometimes, we need to be vulnerable. Continue reading “IT’S OKAY TO BE VULNERABLE!”


‘Don’t compare yourself to anybody in this world; if you do so, you are insulting yourself ~ Bill Gates.’

“I have been building my ‘house’ for the longest time ever, and finally, it’s finished. I take a few steps back and admire it. I can’t help but smile. Then I make the huge mistake of turning to my side, and I see my friend also admiring his ‘house’; but his is a mansion. A beautiful mansion. And big too. Mine is just a bungalow. A little tiny bungalow. When I turn back to look at my ‘house’ for the second time, it’s not so beautiful anymore; too basic, too cheap, too ugly, too <insert everything negative>. “

What is your ‘house’? Is it your job? School? Goals / dreams? Spirituality? You as a person? Let’s talk about that a little bit; now, shall we? Continue reading “OUR STORIES ARE DIFFERENT!!”

HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO (A comprehensive guide)!

I have grown up loving superheroes. Haven’t we all? The comic books, the cartoons, the movies and even series; I have always been fascinated by them. Being younger, I kept trying to find out if I had a superpower, and, as many other kids, I kept getting disappointed. It was not until I grew older that I finally learnt and understood that, we all have a superhero within us. While some of us realize this and bring them out, others never do, and thus keep them locked up, when really, we are at a time where the world needs as many superheroes as it could possibly get.

‘There is a superhero inside all of us, we just need the courage to put on the cape.’

Some people out there want to be superheroes, but they don’t know how to do so; so, here are a few pointers on how to be a superhero! Enjoy! 🙂 Continue reading “HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO (A comprehensive guide)!”


A few weeks ago, a really good friend of mine (let’s call her A*) asked me via whatsapp to share with her more about my journey in spirituality; how it is and such. I decided that instead of simply sharing it to her via whatsapp, I should write a blog post about it, and share it with some of my friends here as well. I once did a blog post somewhat related to this, which you can read here , so this is more or less a part two of that.

I hope that you will gain a thing or two, and that you will love it 🙂 ! Continue reading “A FEW THINGS THAT I’VE LEARNT ALONG MY WALK WITH GOD (part2)”