A few days ago, I saw the profile picture of my friend, Lilian, on whatsapp, and the first thing that I commented was , “Your profile picture must be a photo taken by Brandon Woelfel.” Continue reading “WHAT’S YOUR IDENTITY?”



Hey! 🙂

A few days ago, I was reading a blog post by a friend of mine, and somewhere in the post was something about slowing down in life. That part really made me take time to ponder, because I feel that in today’s world, we are all so caught up in chasing money, chasing dreams, chasing people; all to a point where we begin to let life pass us by so fast. Continue reading “SLOW DOWN!!!”


Hello there!

Of late, I have found myself really keen on a new hobby or interest. It’s probably going to sound basic and shallow to a few of you, but I am going to share it anyways; EDITING PICTURES! I know you might probably be thinking, “Editing pics? That’s your new ‘thing’? Well, ok.” Yes! It is sort of my’ new thing’. Nowadays, before I post a picture on instagram, facebook, or generally anywhere, I take the time to edit it. I even take time to edit the thumbnails that I use for my YouTube videos. You may be thinking how much a waste of time that may be, but you’re wrong. If you really enjoy doing something (however ‘small’ or ‘basic’), and you do it with your all, from deep down within, then it’s never a waste of time. Continue reading “THE TRANSFORMATION.”


Depression and mental illness are not a joke. I don’t think it really occurs to us how extremely serious these issues actually are. I know I recently talked about this in one of my posts (DealingWithDepressionAndDarkDays), but I am back again to touch on the same. The craziest thing in all this though, is the new face in which depression is walking around in. Take Chester Bennington, for example. After his death, his wife shared the last video she had recorded of him, just a few hours (or so) before he ended his life.  The video showed a happy family man, having a good time with his kids. He was laughing around, making jokes, he was so full of life and happiness, and it’s hard to imagine that in that moment, or a few moments later, he was planning to end his life. This brings me to the core of today’s post. Continue reading “DEALING WITH DEPRESSION AND DARK DAYS (pt2).”


(Real quick, in the above picture, Chacha  <a common reference in this post> is the one dribbling the ball!)

The other day, my three friends and I were heading out of school after playing our game in a basketball tournament that was held over the weekend. While walking, we began to talk about this one girl on our team.. (HOLD UP!! Before you jump into any conclusions, hear the whole story first! We were not exactly gossiping! It’s not like that, I promise!)..we were talking about how on-point her game was, and how extremely committed she was to the game. I am not sure what exactly I was adding onto this discussion, but as soon as I had completed my statement, that very moment, Continue reading “BE THE ONE THAT PEOPLE SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT!”


This little phrase popped into my head about a day ago, and I have been thinking of it ever since. It probably sounds like a basic statement, but when deeply understood or interpreted, it means a whole lot more. I am not sure if you remember this, but if did you read one of my previous blog post (LOVING YOURSELF: A mini how-to guide), there was a picture that I shared in it that was asking, if you were told to mention all the things that you love, how long would it take before you mentioned yourself? This is where I borrowed or got inspiration for the phrase, ‘then there’s you’. When some people are asked to mention a list of items, they will frequent using the word ‘then’. For example, if someone is asked to do the above, and give a list of all the things that they love, he/she might say something like, “God, then my family, then my friends, then my puppy/cat/dog/pet, then food, then movies, then…” and as they would go on, I had this picture in my mind that, I (or someone else) would cut that person short and say, “..then there’s you!” Like a little reminder of “Hey! You haven’t mentioned yourself yet so, there’s you..then there’s you, in that list, right?” Continue reading “THEN THERE IS YOU!”

After Winter Must Come Spring (Reblogged).

It’s Monday! I have seen many bloggers that I look up to here on wordpress say, ‘don’t force content. It should always come from within!’. I have quite a number of ideas for a few blog posts in my head, but they are not ready to be typed yet; so, instead of forcing them out, I decided to reblog a really good post that I read today, which I feel I can actually relate to right now. I read a beautiful quote somewhere that says, ‘Don’t be discouraged! It’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock!’, and that quote goes beautifully with this post. I am sure that you will love this piece.

Budding Regardless

​“After winter must come spring. Change comes eventually” – Lauryn Hill

The mere fact that spring comes after winter is a clear indication to all mankind that no matter what you are going through right now, it will pass and things will get better.

There are times when we feel as though we are in a situation that we will never get out of. It might be the thought that you will struggle or hustle for the rest of your life and it could even be the thought that you might suffer from a heartache for the rest of your life. Let us refer to these moments as ‘winter’ moments because all you ever want to do is stay in bed because the world just seems to be cold.

While you are in that ‘winter’ phase it is important for you to keep in mind that spring is yet to…

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