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A few days ago, I was reading a blog post by a friend of mine, and somewhere in the post was something about slowing down in life. That part really made me take time to ponder, because I feel that in today’s world, we are all so caught up in chasing money, chasing dreams, chasing people; all to a point where we begin to let life pass us by so fast. Continue reading “SLOW DOWN!!!”


LIFE LESSON 101 #5: You are as weak as you are strong.

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I am sure many of you have heard of this common saying, “You are much stronger than you think.” I really love that saying, and I love how it creates belief and self-confidence in oneself, which we oh-so-often need. However, in the same measure, I have come to realize that, more often than not, we are also much weaker than we think. Continue reading “LIFE LESSON 101 #5: You are as weak as you are strong.”


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Of late, I have found myself really keen on a new hobby or interest. It’s probably going to sound basic and shallow to a few of you, but I am going to share it anyways; EDITING PICTURES! I know you might probably be thinking, “Editing pics? That’s your new ‘thing’? Well, ok.” Yes! It is sort of my’ new thing’. Nowadays, before I post a picture on instagram, facebook, or generally anywhere, I take the time to edit it. I even take time to edit the thumbnails that I use for my YouTube videos. You may be thinking how much a waste of time that may be, but you’re wrong. If you really enjoy doing something (however ‘small’ or ‘basic’), and you do it with your all, from deep down within, then it’s never a waste of time. Continue reading “THE TRANSFORMATION.”


Depression and mental illness are not a joke. I don’t think it really occurs to us how extremely serious these issues actually are. I know I recently talked about this in one of my posts (DealingWithDepressionAndDarkDays), but I am back again to touch on the same. The craziest thing in all this though, is the new face in which depression is walking around in. Take Chester Bennington, for example. After his death, his wife shared the last video she had recorded of him, just a few hours (or so) before he ended his life.  The video showed a happy family man, having a good time with his kids. He was laughing around, making jokes, he was so full of life and happiness, and it’s hard to imagine that in that moment, or a few moments later, he was planning to end his life. This brings me to the core of today’s post. Continue reading “DEALING WITH DEPRESSION AND DARK DAYS (pt2).”


Hey there! Before I go on, if you haven’t read YoungInspiration101 #7, which was my ‘mini-interview’ with my good friend, Grace Nasike, you can do so right here.

Today, I will be featuring a friend of mine, and an amazing upcoming photographer as well, Philip. Funny story, I got to know Philip through a silly challenge that I was doing on facebook. I will be honest and say that, I totally did not imagine that we would remain friends this long, but here we are. Philip’s pictures stand out on social media (I can literally tell that a picture is his before liking it or seeing the user’s name); not just in terms of quality, but in terms of the story that they try to tell. It’s very easy to look at one simple picture of his, and have a million thoughts race through your mind in that very moment. Below is my chat with Phylo; Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #8”


Hey there! Before I go on, if you missed YoungInspiration101 #6, which was my conversation with my friend, Brenda, you can get caught up right here.

Onto today’s post, as with Brenda (from the previous YoungInspiration101 post), I met Grace Nasike in high-school. Unfortunately, as it often happens, we slowly grew apart after we both cleared HS. We didn’t really talk on whatsapp or other personal platforms; it was maybe a ‘hey’ on facebook today and a little self-promo (by me) on instagram tomorrow. However, through this very means of social media, I was able to ‘stay updated’ on how and what Nasike was doing, and I must say, I was always impresssed; studying medicine, getting nominated for awards, creating/pioneering organizations with a good cause; if that is not the definition of inspiration, then I am not sure what is. Eventually, I decided to get in touch with her, and below is my chat with Grace Nasike, a young girl who is slowly but steadily shaping the course of the world: Continue reading “YOUNG INSPIRATION 101 #7”


(Real quick, in the above picture, Chacha  <a common reference in this post> is the one dribbling the ball!)

The other day, my three friends and I were heading out of school after playing our game in a basketball tournament that was held over the weekend. While walking, we began to talk about this one girl on our team.. (HOLD UP!! Before you jump into any conclusions, hear the whole story first! We were not exactly gossiping! It’s not like that, I promise!)..we were talking about how on-point her game was, and how extremely committed she was to the game. I am not sure what exactly I was adding onto this discussion, but as soon as I had completed my statement, that very moment, Continue reading “BE THE ONE THAT PEOPLE SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT!”