KEY LESSONS FROM 2017 (PartOne).

What 2017 Taught Me.


Hello there!

It’s almost the end of the year, and I have been wondering what I can post that would be relevant to this. Then it hit me; LESSONS THAT I HAVE LEARNT THIS YEAR! When I tell people that I have learnt so much this year, it may seem really casual, but it is not. This year has been one of those where I felt as though, before 2017, I was just a robot walking around. It feels like this year is when I really began to and actually felt what living is, and I am glad.

I committed to myself that I would post two more blog posts before taking a little holiday break till next year, so what I‘ll do is, for this first blog post, I will share ten lessons that are generally about life, then for my second and final blog post for this year, I will share ten lessons that I have learnt, specifically about chasing goals, dreams, ambitions, pursuing passions, and all that. With that being said, let’s get into this first post:

KEY LESSONS FROM 2017 (Life In General)

1. In everything, God first.

This has always been something that I knew at the back of my mind, but this year has made me understand it way more. In everything that we do, we need to learn that God is the Author, not us. He can’t make changes in our lives unless we let Him, and the way to do that is by giving Him first place in our lives. We need to learn to seek His advice first and live in the way that He leads us to. Put God first and everything else will fall into place.

2. Be Yourself.

My mum has always told me to be myself since I was a very little kid, but this year has made me see the great positive impact that being yourself can have in your life. Don’t bother fitting in, don’t bother trying to be liked, don’t even bother trying to get everyone to know you. Just be yourself and the right people will come to you and will love you for who you are. The only validation you will ever need is from God, and you got it the moment He sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, despite how unworthy we all are.

3. Be Different.

I have fallen in love with the quote, ‘why fit in when you were born to stand out?’ Being different comes with a cost. You feel left out, and the society will work very hard to convince you that you are a misfit, but this year, I constantly asked myself, ‘What’s so bad about being left out? What’s so bad about being a Jughead?’ You only have one life. Don’t waste it on all the wrong things like conforming to society. BE DIFFERENT!

4. Learn to let go.

This works in two ways. First, learn to let go of past mistakes, past heartbreaks, past pains, past regrets; all those things from the past that keep dragging you down. Learn to let go of them. You are not defined by your past, and you are not defined by what people say about you. You are defined by God, and by who you decide to become. Second, if it’s toxic, let it go. Learn to let go of toxic friendships relationships, habits and generally anything that makes you a less better version of yourself. You are better off without them. Quit making excuses for every wrong that people do to you, or you do to yourself. If it’s toxic, let it go.

5. Differenciate between those who say that they are there for you, and those who show that they are there for you.

This year has been one of my best years so far because I have finally drawn the line between people who say that they are my friends and people who really are my friends. I have always had this concept that, the longer you know someone, or the more often you see or spend time with someone, the much more of a friend they are; but this year, I pursued many of my passions, and I was proven wrong. Investing my time in making videos, writing blog posts and taking pictures opened my eyes and showed me that, you can be miles apart from your friends, LITERALLY, and they will still be your biggest supporters. Likewise, those who you meet with everyday, or even the first people you tell about your new passions, can easily be the least supportive. My point is, I am glad that through all of this, I can end the year comfortably knowing who has really got my back, and I pray that I can be that true and supportive friend to these friends of mine as well.

6. Your spirituality needs as much attention and work as any other aspect of your life.

You know how when you think of maintaining a healthy body, you will have these points on exercising regularly, eating healthy, resting enough, and you will make an effort of actually doing all these things? Well, what about your spirituality. You are a believer, okay. Then what!? Do you stop working on your spiritual life the moment you are saved? Baptized? When you start attending church every Sunday? When you begin to read the Bible every day? See, that’s the thing about working on your spirituality. IT NEVER STOPS. Just as you would keep exercising regularly or eating a balanced diet to maintain the good health that you already have, you also have to keep working on your spiritual life regularly. It is literally work in itself to maintain your spirituality and you will never be perfect in it. We need to put in the same amount of attention and hard-work into it as we do for other aspects of our lives.

7. Be Kind.

I will be honest, I have often fallen short of this because, as I often say, some people may not be your version of nice and it can be really hard to be nice to a person who is treating you really badly; but note the keyword, it is hard, not impossible. You are not completely kind until you can: a) Help those who have nothing to give back to you. b) Help those who do not deserve your kindness. I have been humbled so much by some of the people that I have interacted with or observed this year, some of them being people that I know very well, like family and friends, and some of them being complete random strangers. These people have often performed beautiful gestures of kindness, even when they think that nobody is watching, and these deeds have left my soul feeling so moved. Be nice, be kind, and don’t do it expecting anything in return. The Good Lord Almighty will repay you Himself.

8. Imperfection is perfect.

I am sure you have read this in some of my blog posts this year so I won’t dwell too much on it. You are not perfect, and you will never be perfect. Your flaws and imperfections make you beautiful. Imperfection is real, and real is beautiful.


As I have already mentioned at the beginning of this post, I don’t think that I really understood the term ‘living’ until this year. Living means embracing every moment and focusing on what is truly important. Happiness comes from even the smallest of things like having breakfast with your family amidst laughs here and there, or reading the Bible and feeling that inner peace, or eating a bowl of ice-cream while watching a movie. Living and true happiness comes from pursuing what you love and shifting your attention to all the things and people that matter to you the most. This is one of my favorite lessons.

10. Family is second.

Remember the first lesson that I began with? God first. Now, I want to add, family second. Not everybody is lucky enough to have a family that they can lean on, run to or share wonderful memories with, so if you are lucky enough to have that, don’t take it for granted. At the end of the day, none of your friends have got you like your family. Yes! You’ll argue and sometimes feel like you hate each other, but no matter what you feel, you would still be willing to drop everything for each other. That’s why family comes second.

Those are a few of the lessons about life in general that I learnt this year. If you’d like to read part two of KEY LESSONS FROM 2017, which is centered around the pursuit of goals/dreams/ambitions/passions/hobbies and the like, you can read it right here.

Thank you so much for reading. As always, remember to:


Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂

7 thoughts on “KEY LESSONS FROM 2017 (PartOne).

  1. All good lessons! Yes, God first, family second. And being yourself is the best that anyone can be. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. This is beautiful, and full of life wisdom. I love that you know that the only person you have to get validation from is God, and that you put Him on the front burner, not in the back on a shelf some where. God Bless you this is a blessing to read. I pray you enjoy your break, and have a blessed holiday and new year :):)

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