It’s Completely Okay To Want Some ‘Me’ Time.


Hey! πŸ™‚

I will be very honest with you; I’m a bit of loner. I enjoy some time by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy good company; you know, like family, good friends, the sweetest pets and such, but in the same measure, I enjoy my own company, so most times when

I am working on something, say a video that I am about to post, a blog post, a certain short-term goal and the like, I tend to do it by myself. A few times, I may let someone in on it, but some things I prefer to do by myself.

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I may be a loner, but there are times when I need someone to turn to. As much as we often feel like we may have things figured out by ourselves, we still need somebody to pour our hearts and minds out to, a person who will see things from a different perspective. Loner or not, we cannot live our lives by only listening to the voices in our minds. We need to listen to the voices from other people’s minds as well.

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Even when we have everything planned out and set for action, things can easily get messed up. I am sure you can think of a few times in your life when everything was crumbling down and you were at your lowest point. During such times, loner or not, we need other people too. We can’t deal with sadness by ourselves, and that is why we see cases of depression escalating way more than they should, because instead of sharing with those around us, we choose to bottle things up. We need other people too.

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During happy moments, the celebration is not perfect until it is done with those that we love around us. They say that happiness is not perfect until it is shared. Loner or not, we all need time to spend smiling, laughing and living life with those around us. What’s the point of being happy if you can’t make the person next to you happy as well? Happiness is meant to be shared, and we need to take time to spread joy and love to everybody around us, and especially those that we love and value.

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When chasing our goals and dreams, nothing makes the journey more endurable than pursuing them with people who have the exact same goals as we ourselves do. Loner or not, it makes all the difference to know that when you are discouraged and lost, there are people who can relate to what you feel and help you get back on track. It helps to know that you and your friends can achieve even greater things together than what you could achieve individually, and once you become a team, you are unstoppable.

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In our spiritual life, try as we may, we need those friends who keep us on track, and with whom we can be honest and open to. Loner or not, the spiritual journey gets tough too, and reading the Bible by ourselves is not enough. We need people with whom we can walk with, talk to and hold each other strong when one of us is weak.

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The point that I am trying to drive across is that, no man is an island. Yea, yea, I know you that you probably read that proverb in one of your grammar books a few years back, but that proverb really is true. We can’t do it alone. You are one person, and there is very little you can achieve in life by yourself. It is very important to want and love to spend time alone. We need that time to unplug, re-energize, re-organize our thoughts, figure things out and all that, but we also need to appreciate the value of the people around us.

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We need God, we need family, we need friends. No one is saying that you need to befriend the entire town or city within which you live in, no! Always quality over quantity. You do, however, need to know the names of at least two, three or more people at the back of your mind, who you know that, no matter what, they got your back and you can always turn to them.

Thank you so much for reading. As always, remember to:


Have a lovely weekend/week ahead! πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re utmost welcome and there is no need to apologize. We all get caught up in things. I was so caught up in doing NaNoWriMo last month that I am still catching up on some blogs. Take care.

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