About two weeks ago, I cut my hair. I didn’t cut all of it (most of it though), but I have never in my entire life cut my hair, and so, I had mixed feelings while I was doing it. I really loved my hair, but it was damaged, it was messed up and as much as I hated to admit it, it didn’t fit me anymore. By fit, I mean that, it just wasn’t what I wanted or was meant to be having at this point in my life anymore. It was like that hair was meant for a younger version of me. It just wasn’t right for this me anymore.


I’ve watched so many movies and even a few soap operas where the woman cuts her hair as a sort of mark of letting go of the past or a certain chapter in her life. As cliché as this may be, it did feel that way for me. In some type of way, however small, cutting my hair did mark a new phase of my life.


I was really afraid of cutting it, because I kept thinking, “What will those people who liked my hair longer think?” “What if I don’t like how it looks as soon as I have it cut?” “What if I look weird?” And that’s when I realized that I was preaching water, but drinking wine. I keep saying that you shouldn’t be defined by your outside appearance, but here I was, caring so much what others would think of how I looked. I was stressing so much about what people would see when they looked at me. Nothing physical defines us. It’s actually really funny to think how scared I was of cutting my hair, yet I love how it looks right now.

I learnt a few things from this experience.

1.When it’s time to let go, don’t hold back.

For the longest time ever, I have felt heavily defined by my hair, and this made cutting it seem scary. That’s exactly what happens in life. We hold on to toxic friendships/ relationships/habits, because we feel defined by them, and we’re scared of letting go, yet cutting them off does nothing but make us better people.

2. Our fear of the unknown shouldn’t hold us back from unleashing our full potential. Pray to God and trust the process.

I was so scared of how I would look in shorter hair, but truth is, I love it so much. In life, we are scared of letting go, because we don’t want change. It’s scary to imagine doing things different, but sometimes, it’s very necessary. We just need to summon the courage to move into the future.

3. We are not defined by what we look like on the outside. The inside is what counts.

I was worried about what people would say about my new look, and that was wrong. If something makes you happy, then go for it. You shouldn’t feel like you have to look a certain way for people to accept you. You are validated by the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, for YOUR sins. Stop looking for earthly acceptance. It’s all vanity. Likewise, we shouldn’t judge people based on how they look on the outside. The inside is what matters. There’s the song that goes, ‘I am not my hair. I am not the skin. I am the soul that lives within’. Those lyrics cannot be emphasized enough.

Yeap! That’s it for this post. Thank you so much for reading it!!

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10 thoughts on “CUTTING MY HAIR.

  1. Wow love it, I’ve taken forever to read this but I’ve read it at the perfect moment. Thank you. It is scary to do stuff differently, change is scary…. That shouldn’t stop anyone, me.

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