Oh Jughead! I am not sure when exactly I began to really like his character; probably in my early teens when I first began reading the Archie and friends comic books, or when I watched how well Cole Sprouse brought him out in the series ‘Riverdale’. All the same, Jughead was just….JUGHEAD. I have used the phrase; “Be a Jughead!” in a number of my posts so many times. However, if you haven’t read the Archie and friends comic books, or watched the series ‘Riverdale’, you probably don’t know why I keep saying that.

For that reason, I chose to share with you three of the many ways in which Jughead Jones inspires me. Let’s proceed!

First, of course, is the fact that HE IS DIFFERENT. If you google Jughead Jones on the internet, literally every piece you read will not fail to mention the words ‘odd’ or ‘different’ or ‘quirky’. Jughead didn’t fit in, and the best thing was that he didn’t even bother to try to do so. It’s probably why he sticks so clearly in one’s memory; because he isn’t what society terms as ‘normal’.


Jughead inspired (s) me so much to just be me without needing to please people. He proves that being different is a good thing; after all, I am here typing away about Jughead and not any of the other characters from the Archie and Friends comics / Riverdale, right?


BE DIFFERENT! Don’t bother conforming to what society or other people expect of you. Be the black sheep. BE A JUGHEAD!

Second is his laid-back attitude and lack of worry. Jughead is hands-down the most easy-going person in the Archie and friends comics / Riverdale series; which is crazy, because, considering how tough his life has been, he should be the most uptight person. Only one thing worries Jughead, and no! It’s not girls; IT’S FOOD (oh boy! He loves food!!)! I love how Jughead lives his life, specifically in the comic books.


He doesn’t stress about anything and everything like other people do; and no, he doesn’t have it all figured out, but he still doesn’t stress about it. He lives in the moment!


There are so many things we could choose to worry about. You can probably think of a list in your mind right now, of things that are making you feel tensed, but truth is, there’s more to life. There’s more to life than spending all our time worrying about the next day, or even the next hour / minute / second, when we can create beautiful memories here and now, when we can use that time and energy to change the world in good ways.


We are truly blessed by God, in even the most basic ways, such as the breath of life. It’s such a tragedy when we fail to see that, and choose to focus on our worries instead. Learn to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Third is his trademark. When I heard of this new series called ‘Riverdale’ that is based on the Archie and friends comic books, I was very quick to buy it. I was extremely excited that a series was based on these comic books, but, even more than that, I wanted to see how well they’d bring out the characters. When I began watching it, I saw Archie (KJ Apa) was a red-head in the series and thought, “Good start!”. Then I saw Betty (Lily Reinhart) was a blonde and had her hair tied up in a ponytail and thought, “Alright!”, but I still wasn’t buying it. Only one thing would make me completely give it up for the producers and cast of this series, and the moment I saw Jughead (Cole Sprouse), I bought it. As solid fan of Archie comics, I accepted that these guys had done a brilliant job in bringing out the characters. Why, you ask?

There was one thing that we all knew Jughead for (other than his love for food, of course), and that was HIS HAT. He termed it as his good luck charm (proven true in a number of scenarios in the comic books) and it was a solid part of him. He ALWAYS had it on. It defined him. That got me thinking, what defines you? Now, it doesn’t have to be something physical, as in Jughead’s case. Actually, I am not at all referring to an item of sentimental value; what I mean is, as a person, what defines you? Jughead’s hat made him Jughead, everyone knew him for it, or it for him, whichever way you choose to view it. What about you? What do people know you for? Are you the boss that says “Good morning!” to his/her employees every single morning? Or are you the employee that’s always spreading rumors? Are you the millennial who is always on his/her phone? Or are you the one that’s out there taking part in voluntary projects to change the world? Are you that believer who is always judging other people in church? Or are you the one winning souls to Christ because your way of life depicts Christ in you?


It may not seem like a big deal, but the trademark / identity we make of ourselves in this world matters a lot. Up until now, when I picture Jughead in my mind, I see that crown-like hat on his head. If someone comes to me showing a picture of Jughead without his hat on, trying to convince me that it is still Jughead, I will probably call them out as liars. You have the chance to create your trademark in this world; make sure that it’s worth telling to your grandkids.

Jughead is a combination of many attributes, but these three stand out to me the most. So, as I finish up, all I have to say is;

BE DIFFERENT. Quit worrying about everything. Build your trademark in this world, and make it worth telling to your grandkids. BE A JUGHEAD!

Thank you so much for reading this post! 🙂

As always, remember to:


Have a lovely week ahead! 🙂


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7 thoughts on “BE A JUGHEAD!

  1. Yes, I’ve seen you use this phrase in a couple of your posts over time and it always brings a smile to my face because I just automatically think of Cole as Jughead. I agree with you on Riverdale. I was sold the moment I laid eyes on Jughead. Overall, this is a great and inspiring post, Sylvia! Something to carry every one of us through the week. May God continue to guide and bless you.

    Liked by 1 person

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