Vulnerability, yea? Truth is, almost everyone prefers to put up a wall and shut everybody out, due to fear of rejection, pain, heartbreak, disappointment and the like. Though that is understandable, it isn’t how it should be.

Sometimes, we need to stop being robots, and start being humans. Sometimes, we need to get in touch with our emotions. Sometimes, however risky it may be, we need to take the gamble and lay our feelings all out in the open. Sometimes, we need to be vulnerable.

Love! We live in a time and era where the best thing to do is cover up our feelings and affection. We may have been scarred by so many heartbreaks before; by friends, family and even partners in relationships, and it just doesn’t feel okay to try anymore.


It’s okay to expose your heart a little bit, and it’s okay for it to get a few bruises, because, otherwise, how else will you know what love feels like?


It’s heartbreaks and rejections that make us stronger, and make us learn to love. I recall a classic song (I think by Robin S) with lyrics that say, ‘..some people say that love is a gamble’ in one of its lines. That’s true. Love is a risk, but that isn’t a good enough reason to stop looking / trying for it.

I am sure we can think of someone who is really close to us (..if not our very selves) who likes bottling up stuff that upsets them rather than allowing themselves to feel the sadness / anger, and hence deal with these stuff. Bottling up things is actually a really bad habit, because when you reach your breaking point, you ‘explode’ and end up saying or doing things you shouldn’t have, and most times, to people who mean so much to you, and are only trying to help.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling sad. I am a really emotional person, and when I am sad, I tend to cry. Most people say it’s a show of weakness, but I think that it’s actually a show of strength, because you are willing to get in touch with what you really feel.


Your heart is not made of stone. God made it with all these feelings and emotions for a reason. It’s okay to feel angry, upset, pain, happy,’s okay to feel everything. You are human, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable sometimes doesn’t make you any less of who you are. You are not weak for feeling.


Many times, we feel lost. We feel like we don’t know what exactly we are doing or should be doing; and even when we do, it just doesn’t add up. Our hardwork isn’t paying off, or we don’t even know where to start with certain things. I think it’s fine to feel a little messed up, but it’s not okay to actually give in to that feeling. We can’t have it all figured out; nobody does. It’s okay if you stop for a moment to try and fix your compass, so that you can know which direction you should follow.


It’s also okay if you feel scared, or worried. It’s okay to have all these feelings; it’s just not okay to let them dictate our course of action. You can’t run from everything, just because you feel scared; because sometimes, your destiny lies exactly where your fear lies too. It’s okay that you are afraid, but it’s not okay to let the fear determine your next move.


Being a believer isn’t easy, and sometimes, it feels like there are more times when we feel lost, than found. These feelings of worry, doubt and spiritual exhaustion shouldn’t make us give up. Yes! It takes a lot of work, and it gets really hard sometimes, but at the end of it all, it is all worth it.


Even when words fail you, God can read through your hurt. No matter how you feel or what you think, He is listening, and He can get you through all these things or feelings that are overwhelming you; you only need to let Him.


Not having everything figured out isn’t such a bad thing, because, after all, we know who is in control; God. Just lay it all before Him and trust.


It’s okay that you feel lost or overwhelmed or worried, either spiritually, physically or both, but let knowing who is in control calm the storms in your heart, mind, body and soul.


Lastly, it’s okay to be kind, and feel like no one even noticed it. However, no matter what, as my mum constantly says, don’t get tired of doing good.


More often than not, our kind words won’t necessarily be rewarded by man on earth; they will be rewarded by God. No matter how tiny that kind deed is, do it; Someone is always watching, and you also never know who you are inspiring as you do so.


I think we can all agree that, kind words are extremely rare nowadays, and when people say something nice to us, we are very quick to ask ourselves,”what’s going on?” “Why is he / she being so sweet?”


It got me thinking, are things that bad? Are we at that point where when someone comes up to you and says something nice, you automatically assume that, a) They want something from you in return, or b) They are dying ? Speak kind words. ‘Bury people when they are alive’ meaning, be nice to people right now and tell them all the good things you have always wanted to. If we want to change the world, it needs to start by making everybody feel good about themselves. BE KIND!

As cliché as this is, remember to ALWAYS:


Have a beautiful week ahead! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “IT’S OKAY TO BE VULNERABLE!

  1. Sylvia, I love the post! This was another masterpiece from you. You’re a wealth of inspiration and I pray that God continues to bless and use you in spreading positivity in a world that is all about negativity today.

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