Hey! I’m back again. Real quick, if you haven’t read YoungInspiration101 #3, which was my little chat with my good friend, David, click here and get caught up.

Now, I’m extremely excited about this post because *drumrolls* we are crossing borders and going all the way to Nigeria!! About two years ago, I got the beautiful opportunity to interact with the smart minds of young people all over Africa on an online platform, and it is here that I got to know Chimfeka. Years down, we have still kept in touch. I told Chimfeka that he inspires me, and he was quite surprised. Truth is, sometimes we inspire people and we do not even know it.

Now that is enough for an intro; let’s get straight into my conversation with Chimfeka:

1. Briefly introduce yourself.

I am Chimfeka, humanly from Eastern Nigeria. I am here on a mission given by my Father of revival, reformation and rebirth of a nation. I also exist for the fame of His name and His glory.

2. Where do you draw your daily inspiration from?

My daily inspiration comes from joy, and this joy comes from the Spirit ultimately. I find other things hilarious like YouTube vines and videos, my funny friends and human behavior. I find sources that are not supernatural to be very temporary ( and I don’t just refer to spirits because my country is a religious one!)

3.  What do you believe is the place for young people today (do you think that they can change the world, or are they accustomed to follow existing traditions / secular trends)?

The place for young people in the world today is ANYWHERE. You see, age has no longer become an excuse for greatness in our modern world. I believe they can change the world by challenging those existing traditions and trends because most often they chain us to the ground and the society wants us to be like robots. But I say, ‘reject society’ because most often it doesn’t want us to be original and who we are. But changing the world is not like making chapati; it is much harder! If anything were to happen, especially coming from the youth, it would require unity in vision and an unstoppable flare, passion and drive.

4. Africa has it’s fair share of struggles; do you still believe that there is a place for Africa to become better than it is already promising to be in the near future? Do you think that tradition and cultural customs need to be let go of to achieve this?

There’s a bright side to our culture and customs and I don’t say that they should be discarded; what I do say is that they should not be a hindrance to growth. If at any point in time it is evidently hindering progress, then by all means cut it out! Africa definitely can be better than what it already is. Maybe there are some we need to drop off, but that would be a sacrifice future generations would thank us for.

5. How are you changing / would you like to change the world and make it a better place ( any on-going projects / future plans that you’d like to share) ?

What I have come to realize is this: as much as the world needs to be rescued and all that, life doesn’t end with physical death.

Alongside a major mission, what I do with the help of others is spread the Good News about JESUS CHRIST! I know very well that it is highly cliche but I also know a large percentage of people have misinterpreted what God is really about and the name ‘Christianity’ has now been stained.

From what I observe, these ideas are justified because the religion of Christianity has twisted things up. Anyway, we dive into such ideas with a Christian series called ‘VFC-Narios’ I started up with some friends and family for the churches…here’s the link! (VFC-Narios)

6. What advice would you give to anybody who may read this?

The advice I’d give anyone right now is ASK QUESTIONS. I once saw a quote that goes something like this: ‘The truth was not meant for all men, but for those who seek it.’ I highly recommend the truth ! FIND it.

(The End!)


One thing that really stands out to me about Chimfeka is his firm faith in Christ. In an era where many people would prefer to keep their faith a secret, Chimfeka is very public and open about his belief in God and the Good News, as you can even tell from the mini ‘interview’ above. There’s nothing possible without God, and there is nothing impossible with Him; there is no reason to be ashamed of Him. This is something that every person should borrow from him. Another thing that really inspires me about Chimfeka is his passion. Every thing that he sets his heart or mind to do, he does it without holding back. He doesn’t give 50%, he gives 100%; probably 200% even. He is extremely passionate and involved in every activity that he carries out. Lastly is, his love for Africa. We Africans all want to make Africa a better place, right? Chimfeka gives me hope because he has (not just million-dollar ideas that could change this continent and the world as a whole for the better, but also) AFFECTION for his roots. Change starts from the heart, and Chimfeka keeps his roots deep in his heart. Wherever in the world you are from, remember that changing the world starts small, and that means you have to start with your little town / village going upwards to your country, then continent, and finally, the world. You cannot do that without love for your homeland in your heart. LOVE YOUR ROOTS!

I really hope that this post inspired you in even the smallest way, because it inspired me a great deal. As cliché as it may seem:

Have a lovely time!💕


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