Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness ~ Unknown.


Have you ever seen these people who just go for it? Who Nike it, even when they are scared of it, or even when everyone else is telling them that they can’t make it? These people who refuse to and don’t settle?


An important aspect of being happy in life is being in love with everything that you do.  Life is not meant to be a punishment, and while it matters a lot to be stable in your life, it is also very necessary to love whatever you do.  Pursue what you are most passionate about. Don’t just settle for what is available. Go where you feel most alive. Do what you love!

I think that a big reason as to why we refuse to pursue or give up on our passions is because of how difficult it gets. We have the perception that it’s pretty easy to get to where we want, but truth is, it just isn’t.  It is rough and tough. We might face failure, rejection and disappointment, but that’s part of the story..of each of our individual story.  It may not feel like a fairy tale, but trust that your happy ending is coming.

When you really feel that you should do or pursue something, you will have a thousand reasons in your head not  to. You’ll think, “I don’t have money”, “I am not good enough”,”I failed last time”, ” He / she won’t like me”,  you will have every reason to give up or not even try, but remind yourself that one little reason to try. Believe in yourself.

I hear many people say, ‘don’t be basic’. My interpretation of that is probably not as other people’s, but it gets the message home. There is the ordinary way to everything; ordinary way to live, see / interpret things, do things, love, work and more.  It’s more or less the safest or most common way to approach everything, but why? Why see everything just like everyone sees it? Don’t just think outside the bix , but also live outside it.  Don’t fit in. Break that regular pattern of thinking or living, that the world has set you up to. Be different. Stand out. Be a Jughead and own it. 

Good things come to those who wait.  Yea, that’s true, but not if waiting becomes an excuse to not pursue your goals. There’s no perfect time.  It won’t be all smooth; flowers and rainbows; just do it now, NIKE IT! Be happy now, fall in love now, chase your dreams now, travel now, love what you do now, apologize now, seek God now.  Like Joyce Meyer said, don’t wait for life to be perfect so that you can enjoy it. DO IT NOW!

Of course, this next one is the most important.

There’s nothing we can accomplish without God. Truth is, some of our plans may not be right for us, however ‘right’ we feel they are. Seek God and pray before, as you do and after you do or pursue anything, so that He guides you; and so that if it’s not His will for you, He gets it out of your way.

It is better to be try and fail than not to try at all. Heard of that, right? Try playing a sport and realize that you don’t like it, rather than seating at home saying ‘you are not athletic’. Try traveling and you may fall in love with it. Try building up your business. Try asking that person out. Try pursuing spirituality. Make the effort. It may not work, but at least you tried, and won’t live with ‘ifs’, wondering how things would have turned out.

Don’t bother pleasing people. They will NEVER be satisfied. Learn who you are and work on yourself. Be the best version of yourself, and give yourself credit for everything good that you’ve achieved and every mistake that you’ve overcome. Embrace your flaws and love yourself. Appreciate those who are always there for you, and seek happiness from even the most common things.

Happiness is not money, riches or anything extravagant. Happiness is finding joy in the little things.

It’s a process,whatever you want to achieve, it’ll take time; but one thing we can all agree on is that, we are not the same as we were years ago. That being said, we may not have achieved certain goals, but we have certainly learnt life lessons that money can never buy. So, appreciate what and where you are, and KEEP GRINDING!

If you think of it, it’s pretty tough to pursue certain goals / passions because, as some people like to say, ‘everyone is doing it’. I get why people say that, it’s pretty silly to do regular things and stand out, but here’s my question; will you halt the pursuit of your goals / dreams / passions , love, kindness, (whatever it is) because ‘someone else is doing it to’? You love to cook, will you give it up because your cousin has already opened up a restaurant? Give up sports because other people have already made it to international level? Give up music because Adele runs the music industry? Give up computer and technology which you love because Bill Gates invented ‘everything’ you’d have thought of inventing? Give up love because your ex thinks you’re screw up and broke up with you? Oh, you want to know my thoughts? DO IT…DIFFERENTLY!

Just incase I haven’t emphasized enough in many of my posts including this one, I’ll say it again, GO WHERE YOU FEEL THE MOST ALIVE. Life is beautiful, you just have to seek it in the right way. Don’t imprison or confine yourself to anybody or anything. PURSUE YOUR PASSIONS. Do what you love. Don’t settle!

Truth is, I really look up to people who do what they love and pursue their passions relentlessly. They make me believe in myself, and that’s more than other people will do for me (or you). You are writing a story, and it begins the moment you stop being afraid and chase your goals, dreams, passions, ambitions, desires; and that story will inspire someone.

Are you reading this thinking that you’re ‘too old’ or you’ve made ‘too many mistakes’ to achieve your goals? Well, jokes on you, because, it’s not. It’s never too late. Go for it. Let go of all regrets and GO FOR IT!

So, what’s my point?

Seek the beauty of life, and make sure that you LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Just Nike It!  

As always, remember to;

Have a beautiful week ahead! 🙂

14 thoughts on “JUST NIKE IT✔

  1. It’s raining inspiration! 🙂 Wonderful post and I love all the quotes especially the one by Satsuki. Keep up the wonderful work of inspiring others. ❤ ❤

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