DoMoreThanJustExist #part3

Life is a gift. Wake up and realize that.

Hello there! So, how do you live your life? Do you LOVE your life? Do you look forward to the gift of a new day every morning?

If you haven’t read DoMoreThanJustExist #1 or#2, I strongly recommend that you do. Of all my posts, DoMoreThanJustExist has been the one that I have been able to do so many parts/ sequels on (and I think that I will do more God willing),  because, everyday, we discover new ways of living and not existing. That has been one extremely long intro so let’s just get intothe main content.

IMG_20170419_171221So many points in one picture. 1) Keep your chin up. It won’t always go as you plan, and you may get disappointed, but never ever give up. Keep going. 2) Trust in God. The source (as KJ Apa likes to call it) is God. Without Him, we are nothing. So put, not a bit, or most, BUT ALL of your trust in our Maker. 3) Believe in good things to come. Have that positive vibe. Always see the best in everything, and always have hope that greater things are yet to come.

IMG_20170419_171255Don’t hold on to things that either make you a worse version of yourself, or stagnate you and prevent you from growing and glowing in different aspects of your life. Whether it’s a job, friends, grudges, emotions; let them go. Free yourself from the weight of the stones pulling you down in the water, or else you will drown. Understand what’s best for you, and pursue that path. Don’t be afraid to walk alone. Don’t be afraid to like it.

IMG_20170419_171317Oh wow! We all need to take time and think really hard on this picture. How many times have you used that phrase? We use it countless times, and it goes to show how much we take life for granted. The breath of life is not something that we have earned, and many of those who have left us would have wished for just another day. So yea, we don’t get to decide that we are bored. It’s a miracle in itself. Invest in your life. Don’t take it for granted. None of us has forever. None of us !!

IMG_20170419_171329The ups the downs, the joys the sorrows, the ‘being on top of the world’ one second and feeling extremely terrible the next; it’s all life. It’s life. Just hold on, because if there is one thing that life has taught us all, nothing lasts forever.

IMG_20170419_171400We human beings have a bad habit of postponing things. We keep procrastinating every chance we get to do so. It’s a bad habit, because once this day ends, that’s it! You could cry, you could scream, you could do anything, but you cannot turn back time. The strength you have in your youth is not the same as that which you will have in your fifties, and that in your fifties won’t be the same in your seventies. My point? Make today count. Make today count in your history such that when you look back, all you can think is, ‘I wouldn’t have done it any other way!’

IMG_20170419_171457To live, you need to understand that yo are not perfect, and that mistakes / failures are inevitable. Have the strength to fogive yourself for any mishaps that you may have made in your life. Once you have done that, don’t punish yourself by constantly beating yourself up for what you did. What’s doen is done. Foucs on being a better person. Don’t look back; you are not going that way.

IMG_20170419_171516When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Most if not all of us have bucket lists. It may not be on a piece of paper, but it’s in our head; small, or even big, things that we want to achieve. My question for you is simple..rather, two questions. 1) Do you know what will happen tomorrow? 2) When do you intend to do all those things?

IMG_20170419_171612This pic says it all. Truth is, you will have regrets at some point; that’s inevitable. Jut don’t let these regrets dictate your life. Like I said earlier on, Forgive yourself.

IMG_20170419_171718This is precisely my point. I’m not asking you to drop everything in your life and stuff like that. What I am trying to say is, make sure that every moment of your life is treasured. MAKE EVRY SECOND COUNT, AND WORTH IT.  Live your life in such a way that you enjoy it, and anytime you get the chance to do something new; like sky diving and bungee jumping, go for it! LIVE! However, don’t be reckless; that’s not it. Live a life worthy before God, and one that makes you happy.


Read and reread that!!

IMG_20170419_171846This is extremely deep. Don’t get too comfortable. Make every moment count, and when you get the chance to do something that you love, DO IT! chase after your goals/dreams/ambitions. Make that innovation. Go skiing. Do it now!

IMG_20170419_171958If whatever you are doing doesn’t make you happy, if the people you talk with don’t make you happy, if your job doesn’t make you happy, then why are you still there???

Live life, and be happy!

Remember to always:


Have a lovely time!💞


8 thoughts on “DoMoreThanJustExist #part3

  1. Love the positive vibes you’ve been spreading and I hope you continue to do so for a very lone time. A beautiful reminder about living! Take care.

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