~ If You Must Be A Sheep, At Least Be A Black One! ~   

I couldn’t resist to start with this picture. 😍 it’s so cute 😂. Everyone is unique in their own way. We all have something within us that no one else in the entire world has. So, why choose to fit in  when you have the power to stand out?  To be different? To be the black sheep? 🐑 

It’s unfortunate that people choose to suppress their gift or uniqueness just for the temporary pleasure of ‘fitting in’ or ‘pleasing someone’, which, honestly speaking, lasts shorter than Britney Spears’ first marriage!  If you sit on your uniqueness, then you’ll never know what potential you could have unleashed. Don’t settle; surprise the world with what you’re capable of!!

I read somewhere that, people may hate you for being different, but deep down, they wish that they had the courage that you have. It’s really easy to fit in. All that you have to do is follow the crowd and do what everyone is doing.. Literally just that!  But c’mon, that’s no challenge, right? And what’s the joy in being like everyone else?

This is true one hundred percent 💯. These type of people have the most beautiful and kindest souls; and you get to share the deepest, mind-boggling convos with them. I like people who are different, and bold enough to embrace that in a society that sets ‘rules’ to permit you to fit in. That’s just cool! 😎

I do recall a point in my life where I constantly compared myself to others and tried to get others to like me. Looking back, I just laugh at myself. 😂 What was I even thinking? Trying to be what everyone else was, and get everyone’s approval? Really? Silly me! 😂. Experience is the best teacher.  As much as it’s good to learn from other people’s stories / experiences, I’m glad that I learnt mine first hand. My point is, if you’re going through the same right now, don’t worry, you’ll get through it. You’ll look back at the sadness 😐 and disappointment 😦 that you feel right now, and laugh 😂. No! I’m not perfect, (oh please no 😂) but I’m truly happier, because I understand what really matters, and it’s not fitting in..not at all. I thank God so much 🙏❤ for that, and I wish you the same.

I like quoting God in at least a short paragraph in all of my posts, because, I honestly don’t know how life is even possible without Him. If you’re gonna be different, you’ll need to keep Him close, trust me! It’s not at all easy. I heard someone preach something really nice on family radio 316 📻 today. He said, Only God can teach you to be like the burning bush : BURNING UP, BUT NOT BURNING OUT! 🔥🙌

It’s not safe to play it safe. Now, let me set the record straight and say that, I don’t mean that you should break the rules and do things that you know are genuinely wrong. No. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.  What I mean is, in things like going after your goals / passions, embracing your authenticity, and such (positive things), don’t be afraid to lose sight of the shore! While chasing after your dreams, be bold. Try and be willing to fail. Do it without knowing if it’ll work out. If you play it safe, you’ll be just another ordinary person. What’s the thrill in that? Be different! 

That’s true. Westlife said that, what makes you different, makes you beautiful!  You are you; that’s the best thing about you. It’s the one thing that nobody can take from you. Just be different. Just be you! 

It’s beautiful to stand out. I insist, be different. Be you! 

(The above quote is by Coco Chanel). That’s the most special thing about being different. You’re irreplaceable.  People will still walk all over you, break your heart, disappoint you (oh trust me, that doesn’t change.😒), but you are more mature, and you’ve learnt to be the bigger person (remember that post? DoMoreThanJustExist2 ?) so you walk away. Eventually, they will see that you were different, and it’s gonna pain them to realize that they’ll never find someone like you. Leave a legacy with everyone you meet, because of how extraordinary you are, in a world full of ordinary people! 💯

Now that’s the point. You shouldn’t feel bad about being different, because not everyone gets to be different. Some people are built to fit in, and that doesn’t sound so fun, right? Being different can be a gift, it just depends on how you choose to embrace it! 

So, just for emphasis, I repeat 👆 :

Again, I’m saying that, I don’t mean to be different in all the negative ways. I don’t mean that you should steal then say, “Oh I’m a thief. I don’t fit in. I’m different! ” 😐 no people, no! I mean being different in terms of your authenticity, in terms of being you, in terms of accepting yourself, flaws and all. Once more, if it’s wrong, it’s wrong.  Doing the wrong thing isn’t being different. Embracing your authenticity is, and that 👈, is beautiful!


As I concluded, like I always say, remember to 👇 : 

Have a beautiful time! Don’t forget to be a black sheep! ;):)💕


19 thoughts on “BE A BLACK SHEEP, AND OWN IT!! 🌟 

  1. Singing to myself, ‘ba ba black sheep have you any wool’
    Interesting post again i love your sense of humor while making sense. It’s not bad to be a misfit infact it’s an honor to be a misfit. Imma keep being different thank you! And also I’m excited you insert a God quote everywhere trying to separate your Christianity from yourself is as futile as futility can get

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! 😂 only you would think to sing the song.. 😂 (just kidding, I would too! 😄😂 ). Thank you so so much!! I am grateful to you for your kind words. Thank you!! About Christianity, you’re right! Without God we’re basically nothing!


  2. I enjoy reading all the quotes, but the 4th one is me! 🙂 I also love the one with God. Without God, we can’t get very far. We’d be nothing. I love Him so much! Wonderful post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I loooove your blog! The one thing that stands out for me is that … This is so you! Everything is so you! I love it! Don’t lose your authenticity. Amazing work Sly! 👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

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