Hello! 👋before I begin today’s post, if you missed Young Inspiration 101 #1,  (which was my ‘interview’ with upcoming fashion blogger, and model, Tony Ngige),  you can read it right 👉 here.

I’m excited about today’s post (Young Inspiration 101 #2).  This is one friend that I truly look up too. She inspires me a lot! It is non other than the Vice Captain of my varsity basketball 🏀 team, Mshilla! Without further delay, let’s get into the ‘interview’ :

1. Tell us a little about yourself.  I am a Christ-like individual generally listed at 5’2 on a good day 5’4 😜, crazy about basketball and mad about pastries.  

2. When and how did you realize your passion for basketball?  Well, I’d say from a couple of guys who I’d ALWAYS find on the court back home after school..their teamwork and passion for the game had me intrigued, frequently involved in the game and eventually falling in love with it.

3. Who / what inspires you? Your sports icon/role model if any?  My main man Stephen Curry..have you seen the guy shoot?! Aside from that, we share in the same beliefs which makes him a role model even off the court.

4. Bad days / games in court once in a while are inevitable for any player. How do you psyche yourself to come back to court the next day after you’ve had one?  My mom helps me out!.. I don’t know anyone who prays for me more than she does. She encourages me, not to mention support from the KU basketball family #piroryx 😎 Above all, faith that God has got me.

5. Education /knowledge is still a necessity. How do you create a balance between basketball and studying?  Being a student athlete takes discipline, commitment and determination to make it work. Where the school schedule interferes with training, one must always find a way to compensate, and vice versa.

6. With time, I have come to believe that, as a girl, training with boys when the opportunity arises is more strengthening than training with fellow girls throughout. You’ve trained with boys too. What’s your take on that? Agree or nah?  I definitely agree, playing with boys helps one push beyond what they think is their limit. They grind and play harder, not to mention their understanding of the game gives you perspective on how to handle certain pressure situations in a game. They help build one’s game *shout out to my boys Pirates *.

7. Any future goals /long-term plans? Coaching my own team in future hopefully 3 years down the line..share my passion for the game with all, indiscriminately, in whichever platform. Most importantly, let all understand for whose Glory I do what I do for…All for an AOO (Audience of One☝️).

8. What’s your advice to any other young person pursuing their passion?  I’m no expert, but when it comes to pursuing your passion, be RELENTLESS 💪. Never settle or give up, despite what challenges life may throw at you. Don’t doubt yourself. If it brings you pure joy, stick with it. As it’s by simply loving what you do that you’ll be able to effortlessly do great things. One of my favorite quotes sums it all up : “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul in fire. ” :D:D 

(The End!) 


You’re probably wondering how exactly a young person pursuing their passion is shaping the world. This is because, by doing what you’re good at, and embracing your strength, you are taking your place on earth. Also, I have observed her for a while now, and the zeal with which she practices and plays challenges me every single day. People want shortcuts, but those shortcuts don’t work. Mshilla puts in the effort, the discipline, the hardwork into the game; and that’s exactly how it should be. Work and sweat for your goals, don’t just sit and wait. That’s the kind of world we should aspire to live in; where people work hard, and don’t look for an easy way out, or get-rich-quick schemes. She is one of my biggest inspirations on court, for the simple reasons that she’s willing to work for what she wants, and even when her game is on point,  she still remains humble.  Now that’s a leader👏, and, most importantly, that’s someone who’s shaping the world! 💪

It’s never too early, or too late; be bold and relentlessly pursue your passion(s). You never know how many other people you’re inspiring as you do so (I can honestly tell you that I’m not the only person that Mshilla inspires) !! Just do you, and don’t be afraid of trying. Believe in yourself; you’ve got what it takes!💪

Finally, in the spirit of pursuing our strengths, remember to:

Have a little faith! It’s gonna work out! :D💞

That’s it. Have a lovely evening! :)💕


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