Do More Than Just Exist (part two) 

I’m a firm believer that we were all put on this earth for a purpose, and that a small fraction of that purpose is to live. Unfortunately, in the process of trying to embrace society, I believe that we have lost the essence of living.  Today, sadly, all most of us

do is exist.

If you didn’t read DoMoreThanJustExist(partone),  you can do so right there 👈 (click on the highlighted part) . Let’s get started on part two! 🙌

1. Pursue Your Strengths / Hobbies / Interests. 

I think that one of the things that makes us all different is the fact that we all have different likes, talents and such. It has been scientifically proven that engaging in hobbies makes us much happier. Needless to say, happiness increases our lifespan. So, stop sitting on what you’re good at. Be it singing, cooking, spoken word, a sport, fashion, music-making, drawing /painting.. Whatever it is, nurture it. By doing so, you’ll be leading a much happier life.

2. Learn To Be The Bigger Person. 

I’m gonna be the first to admit that, at that very moment when you’re required to be it, being the bigger person sucks. You can imagine so many ways through which you could put the other person in their place, but you have to forego that and walk away. It also sucks when you have to apologize to someone, knowing very well that he / she was the one on the wrong. However, in the long run, the person who decides to be the bigger person always comes off as the wise one. It just shows that you don’t have the energy to put up with unnecessary drama. I think that earns all the gold medals in the world.

3. Grow Old, But Remain A Kid At Heart. 

Sometimes, I sit and think back to my childhood, and I just miss being a kid. 😂 don’t lie to me, because I know that you do too. Being a kid meant being carefree. We didn’t hold any grudges, we didn’t judge, we didn’t overthink everything, we didn’t try so hard to impress anybody, we weren’t afraid of chasing after little dreams. We just lived in the moment, and we were thankful for all the little things.  Retain that little kid inside your heart, no matter how many years pass by; and once in a while, set him/her free.

4. Appreciate Those Who Are Always There For You. 

A while back, I went to see my mum at her work place. On my way there, I stopped by Creamy Inn (basically a place with amazing ice-cream, milkshakes, slushies and the like) and I bought her a vanilla milkshake. When I got to her work place, I said hi to her and gave her the milkshake. She was honestly so jazzed. The joy was written all over her face. And for what.. A milkshake? I was so amused. Through that, I learnt that, appreciating those you love doesn’t mean buying them a fancy car, or a big mansion. It’s the little things.  Take them out for lunch, buy them perfume, take them to a movie, go cook them a meal, (meehn.. You could just clean my room for me and I’d love you forever ..I do actually love cleaning my room though, so, maybe think of something else? )😂, even something as small as a phone call to say thank you  or I love you. Take that time to let those who have always been there for you know that you’re actually grateful to them. Make that little effort.

5. Thank God For The Little Blessings. 

There’s this saying that goes (paraphrased); if you have food to eat, a roof over your head, and a family by your side, you’re much more blessed than you think.  That’s deep. How many times have you thanked God for what you have? For waking up in the morning? For the job that you got, yet so many people applied for it? For the fact that your children are healthy? For your parents? Your sibling? Your talent? Those things we call ‘normal’  are what we should refer to us blessings.  While you’re there wishing for a bigger house and fancier clothes, all someone is wishing for, is to be you. Take more time to tell God thank you for those ‘little things’, which, if you think about it, are pretty big! 

6. Enjoy Some Time Alone Once In A While. 

Oscar Wilde  said that you need to appreciate some time alone because you need to learn to not be defined by another person.  Sometimes, we just want to zone out, and forget everything, just for a little second. I think that’s quite okay. Sometimes, we need to get lost in ourselves a little bit, and drown the noise of the world. Sometimes, we just need to figure it out alone. That, to me, is perfectly healthy.

7. Talk less/ Don’t Speak Too Much.

Haha! 😂 now someone will go home and ignore everyone, then claim that they are ‘talking less’. 😂  No no! That’s not what I mean. Don’t take it too literally. I mean that, you should choose more wisely when, where and to whom to say what to. You’ve experienced different settings in life, and thus, at this point, you probably know when to talk and when to be quiet; how to say things and how not to say things; you basically just don’t go around giving your opinion or running your mouth anyhow. You may end up creating too many ‘enemies’ for no good reason. That’s not living. Talking less entails less drama, which means a much happier life. A happy life? Now that’s living!

8. Love Yourself!  

(honestly, I’m so in love with this picture ^. I’ve posted it so much, but, oh well…) 
I’ve talked so much about loving yourself on my blog, and I even did an entire post on it here 👉 ( LoveYourself  ). For that reason, I won’t dwell too much on it. Do feel free to visit that post. However, I still choose to insist again and again, you will not be able live your life until you fully understand and embrace the need to LOVE YOURSELF!! 💓   

With all of that, I come to the end of my post. As usual, remember to 👇 :

Do More Than Exist People; LIVE!!! 🙌💪 Take Care! 💓


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