A Little Motivation To Keep You Going In The Pursuit Of Your Goals / Dreams! 

Feeling a little bit under pressure while on the chase of your goals/dreams ? Here’s a little motivation! :)💓

1. Hang in there! 

I know it’s really tough.. Probably much tougher than you ever thought it would be, yea? Just hold on and keep fighting to achieve what you set your eyes on. When you feel like giving up, remember why / for whom you started doing it in the first place. Tough times don’t last but tough people do!  Keep that in mind.

2. Be patient. Good things take time! 

Yesterday, I went for basketball practice, and our coach was teaching us the correct way to shoot a free throw. We were three girls, and, while the other two were quickly getting the hang of it, and even scoring baskets, I just kept missing. I got so agitated and it was written all over my face. At one point, I asked coach if I could really do this, and he said to me, “Sly, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Keep trying! ”  It took me a while, but by the time I left court yesterday evening, I had finally mastered the art. Now, maybe you are giving your best input, but your hardwork isn’t reaping any fruits. You are giving it your all, but it’s just not working.  Just remember; Rome wasn’t built in a day! 

3. Believe in YOUR  dreams. 

Sometimes, people just won’t get it. They’ll say, ‘everyone’s doing that.’  or ‘forget that. Why don’t you do this instead?’  Don’t feel offended. Just keep pushing to get there. It’s not about doing what makes them happy or pleases them; it’s about what makes YOU happy. Stay on your grind! 💪

4. Don’t give up. 

You’ve tried once? Twice? Ten times even, and it still didn’t work? Now you want to throw in the towel? Have you heard the story about Thomas Edison who invented the  light bulb? He tried more than 1,000 times, and when asked how he felt failing all those times, he.. Wait.. What??.. He tried 1,000+ times? (it’s sinking in just now! 🙆). That’s a lot. 👏 Okay, back to what I was saying; when asked how he felt failing all those times, he replied, ” I didn’t fail. The invention of the light bulb had 1000 steps!”  Other versions say that he replied, ” I didn’t fail; I just learned 1,000 ways that a bulb cannot light. ”  Whichever the version that is true, that is some fresh way of embracing and overcoming failure right there. Likewise, remember that, you never lose/fail; you just learn. 

5. Keep Good Company. 

Don’t lower your value so that others can like you. (Note : I’m not asking you to grow an ego. I’m asking you to realize your worth. Those are two very different things.) Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, and genuinely want to see you achieve them. Now those are keepers!  

6. Dreams Are Free, So Dream Big. 

We live in a society that tries to tame the dreams of little kids in a box. I find that extremely sad. When you tell people about your dreams, they laugh at you and tell you to get a ‘normal’  job, and be content with it. My opinion? Don’t exist, live!  That dream that you have, believe in it. Go for it! You never know, you may be just a second away from living it!

7. Be Fearless! 

Fear has the power to stop us from doing so many things. Lucky for us, we have power over fear.  I’m gonna paraphrase the advice Mr. Moon in the animation ‘Sing’,  gave to Meena when she was afraid of singing : ‘the best way to overcome your fear is to do what you love most, and that is sing!  This applies to you too. The best way to overcome your fear of pursuing your dream is to love that pursuit, and actually do it!

8. Start Small. 

I was watching a motivational clip sometime back, and one really captivating thing the voice in the clip (I don’t know who it was unfortunately 😂) said was that,  (paraphrased) “You don’t need to have a big start. Make use of what you have right now.” You don’t need to have everything that you would have wished you had to help you achieve your goals / dreams ‘conveniently’. Quit making excuses and make do with what you have now. Start small. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! 

9. Be The Best Version Of Yourself. 

When all is said and done, don’t forget to be a good person. Be kind, help those around you, pray and seek God, inspire your friends and family, love unconditionally, live truly, and be the best you!

As I finish up, it’s never too cliché for me to say 👇:

…👆 always. 

Have a ‘kick-ass’day ! 💪🙌


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