Stereotyping.. But why? 

First ,lemme say that I took so long to write this blog post. Normally, I take an hour or two to write a post, but now that my classes in school started a few days ago, there’s is so much work to do, both in other activities I’m involved in, as well as school itself. I took almost a day to finish this; writing, saving the draft, writing more, saving the draft again, you get, right? Anyways, I’ll try to find a solution to that. Onto today’s topic :

Well, I was having a conversation in my DM with a long time friend of mine yesterday, and through it, I got my inspiration for this blog post.

I bet that you all know what stereotyping is, Ey? Honestly, I couldn’t cover even an eighth of all the instances of stereotyping that exist today, even if I tried (you can google them though), so, I’m just gonna highlight a few negative examples that I could think of (it’s lengthy so please get comfortable). 

1. All blondes are dumb.

😂😂have you read all the blonde jokes? They’re like a million. It’s sad but I’m sure you all can think of a movie or a cartoon where the blonde girl is the dumb one.

In one episode of The Loud  House , Lenny was told that she shouldn’t drink milk because she’s lactose intolerant,  then Lenny goes like, “hey, I’m not lactose intolerant, I tolerate people whether they lack toes or not! ”  😂😂 that was funny, but you see my what I’m trying to say, yes? Lenny is the dumb one, and, wait, she’s a blonde too! Really?

Did you ever think that just maybe all blondes were brunnettes who just dyed their hair? So now the stereotyping would change from blondes to brunnettes, huh? That brings me to my point that, sometimes, there is just no basis of the stereotyping. People just find it and pick it up.

There you go Paris. Set the record straight!! 👏

2. Nerds / geeks have no social life.  To some extent, I do blame all the movies / series that have upheld this theory, which is not necessarily true. I’m using the word necessarily  because, fact is, they may not be as deeply immersed into social platforms as other ordinary people, but they do  have social lives (ask McGyver from the series McGyver  )   , and BTW, these guys are literally geniuses!! Unlike those highschool movies which imply otherwise, we should really be nice to them because, well, Bill Gates  did warn you..

3. Being a plus size is ‘wrong’.

This one really frustrates me because it’s just not right. I watched the series This Is Us,  and I love how Chrissy  brought out her character Kate.  I felt like I’m literally in her shoes.

You’re beautiful just as you are and you don’t have to feel like you don’t fit in because you’re not a size zero.


So  you have that bikini, put it on! Anyone can rock it. Love your body and own it.

If people don’t want to see you for who you are, their loss, not yours. Kiss them goodbye. 😘

4. Flat tummy is the proof of sexiness.

Aah please, before I even start on this, check this out.

Now what was it you were saying defines sexiness? I’m a lover of YouTube vines 💯so, I was watching one vine, where there were these two pairs of best friends (girls). One pair (let’s call them A) had the literal definition of flat tummies (you know, those kind where they even have abs coming up). The other (B), not so much. So, when A were saying hi to B as they passed by them, B held their breathe to make their tummies look flat 😂😂then when A were gone, B exhaled and they were both like, “thank goodness! “😂

Most times, vines depict real life, and we know such things do happen. What’s really wrong with not  having a flat tummy? A girl could be skinny but she’ll hate herself just cause she doesn’t have a flat tummy. Just look at Monroe, is she not beautiful? But she ain’t got no extreme flat tummy, now does she? So, what’s the problem with that?

Be confident, and don’t allow society to dictate how you ‘should’  look.

4. Being single isn’t a choice.  

This one always cracks me up. 😂 I was scrolling through some instagram pictures and I saw another theory suggesting that, girls who are single stay at home doing nothing. They need to get out, travel, get a drink, join social activities. Prince Charming is out there, but you won’t find him sitting at home.

When I first saw the picture, I totally saw the point of this guy, whoever it was; but, when I went through the comments,  my perspective changed. You see, this guy was suggesting that any girl who is single is : 1)not trying hard enough. 2)single because she hasn’t found anybody. which case, both aren’t true.

Now, I’m gonna stop specifically saying ‘girls’, because, like I always say, I bet this can apply to boys too. Back to my point, I know of many people who are constantly bjeing asked out, but they say no because, at that point in their life, they aren’t interested in being in a relationship. That’s okay, right? There’s no timeline to dating.

Also, being single doesn’t imply sitting put in the house. Sometimes, you’ll go out, and meet someone, but it’s just not the right one, and it’s not about settling with the first person you meet, but settling with the right person, true eh?

5. Rich kids are meanies.  

Well, growing up, I adapted the theory that rich kids are the worst. The cartoons and Disney movies made us believe that, because, most times, the mean boy / girl is from a rich family. Let me not go far , many people are tuned into Riverdale.  Who is the meanest person there? (I know Reggie is mean but..okay. who else?).. Exactly. Cheryl Blossom.  A rich kid, right? (Of late, she’s actually a much nicer person BTW, which also supports my point of ‘don’t be judgemental towards rich kids’ in a way).

I know that a huge number of the rich kids are spoilt, and are brats (if you don’t agree, watch The Mick  series 😂 ), but I’ve interacted with a few of them, and some are just the nicest thing you’ll ever come across. It’s not fair to call someone a brat just because they come from a rich family. It’s like this other theory of, ‘last borns are spoilt’.  I’m a last born, and so many people say this to me and all I can think is, who are you? Get out of my face!  It’s so annoying. Anyways, I’m driving off course. All I’m trying to say is, don’t get all up in a rich kid’s face with conclusions before you know the type of person they truly are inside. Give them a chance.

6. Africa is *insert all those bad things they say *

I am not African because I was born in Africa. I am  African because Africa was born in me. ~ Kwame Nkrumah.

This one is close to my heart, and this is the perfect platform to talk about it, because wordpress is international and I am aware that my readers are from all over the world. Being African..( No.. That’s not right..) Being proudly  African, I know of all the things that people say about this continent. People focus on everything Africa isn’t : Africa isn’t as developed as other places, Africa isn’t financially independent,  Africa isn’t…  Whooa! Hold up right there. I know Africa is far from perfect. Alright, 75% of all the problems people think Africa faces may be true, but…. Really? How about everything good Africa really is? The real Africa is the one that they don’t  show you.

The Africa with amazing wildlife, with so much cultural diversity, with brilliant minds being discovered everyday, with so many economic resources also being discovered everyday, with amazing talent (look at actors like Lupita (KE) ,  musicians like Diamond (TZ) , Mafikizolo (SA) , Sauti Sol (KE) , Davido (NIGERIA), football players like Samuel Eto’o  and Didier), with a large number of innovative youth, with those amazing athletes (boy! Have you seen the Kenyans run in the Olympics? 😂), and so much more.

I’m African, and I know that we do have our fair share of struggles, but we are more than all the negative things they say. Africa Is Beautiful.

  7. The current young generation is messed up and has no goals.  

Now this one enrages me a bit. Look, I know that quite a number of young people today have their focus on all the wrong things, but that is not a representation of every young person.

Second, we are not all rude, selfish and antisocial. Maybe a huge number is, but it doesn’t represent all of us.

Funny thing is, a hundred young people could publicly be recognized for doing something good within one week, but when you meet with your mum’s friend that same week, she (your mum’s friend) would still say to you.. “You young people don’t know what you’re doing with your lives. You are all a lost cause! ”  It’s just not okay!  Some, actually many, young people are busy pursuing their dreams, and it’s not right to stereotype them (or rather, us) like that.

That’s just about it for now. I know you can think of a million examples of stereotyping too, so, if it’s negative, be the bigger person and don’t encourage it.

As I conclude,

Boys, this 👆 applies to you too.. Just.. Maybe leave out the ‘curvy’  part. 😂 People will always find something negative to say about you; the biggest favor you can do for you is, to be the best version of yourself , and not allow what everyone says to dictate who you should be.   Just be you. It’s not some competition of who impresses the world more. Don’t exist, Live!

And, of course, as always, remember to;

Have a lovely evening!! :)💓



27 thoughts on “Stereotyping.. But why? 

  1. I love this post! I totally agree to the points you made – especially the Africa one. I’m actually part South African, and whenever I told people that I was from South Africa, they would think I came from a poor village where there were tree houses (a girl literally asked me if I had lived in a tree house, and one guy was surprised that there were cows – I mean come on!) 😀 😛 .

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  2. Very good post thank you and I agree with the stereotyping.. as a woman in business and even now as someone in her 60s. I think as we get older we also realise that we feed into that stereotyping because it is easier. but in fact we all need to stand behind who we are whatever age we might be. I am going to put in my Blogger Daily this evening and hope lots more people come over and read. thanks Sally

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    1. Sally, you know you’ve said it well.. 👏 it’s easier to feed into the stereotyping than to speak / act against it, but that should not be the case. We need to be the bigger person /people. Thank you so much for your words. Very well said.
      Also, I’m really glad that you enjoyed the post. Thank you!😊

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  3. YOU GO GIRL! I jumped over to read from Sally’s Blogger Daily and am right with you on all of this. I admit I love many of the blonde jokes, but I’ve never taken them seriously. I always took them to be referring to a particular type of woman who buys into the nonsense that appearance is the only thing that matters, no matter what color her hair was originally.

    One of my best – and smartest, kindest (any other ‘est you can think of) friends is blonde, as was a dear male friend who always laughed at his own oopses with the comment, “Well, I’m blonde, I’m allowed.” He, too, was brilliant as well as extremely talented – and an incredible advocate for more than a few important issues.

    The stereotypes I fight hardest against – those that bother me the most – are about anyone struggling with Mental Health – especially ADD/EFDers. I actually boo at the “look a squirrel” or “ooh, shiny” comments and jokes – but mostly because they aren’t even clever. I probably find the truly clever ones as humorous as anyone else.

    And it’s just plain mean to poke fun at anyone struggling with obesity – nothing funny about it. Ignorance!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. Exactly! I totally get you. While some jokes can be funny, other times, or more often than not, they tend to hurt the people who are being used as the victim too these jokes. Sometimes, it’s just not right. 👏
      Thank you so much for taking the time to come over to my blog and read this post. I appreciate your input. 😊
      Thank you so much! ☺

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      1. Just callin’ it as I see it. The journey to finding yourSelf at all isn’t easy – but it’s tougher holding on to Self when you find it early. I hope you will recall my words when some idjut comment shakes your faith in yourself temporarily. Hang on – you, and others like you hold our future hopes for the world we wanted to create when we were your age.

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