Song Challenge. #Day2

Thank you christcraftsandcuisine for the nomination. Check out that lovely blog.
Rules :

Song Quote; I tried to choose only a few lines, but the entire chorus speaks to me, so…

Song; Fix My Eyes – For Kings And Country.

Meaning Of The Quotes To me ;

1) As a Christian, it’s not just about you. You need to help those around you. I know that it’s hard sometimes, but we need to step up and live up to being followers of Christ. We have to speak up against evil, and set an example of good. We need to help others, and to be selfless. It’s time to be Christians, not just by words, but by actions.

2) Above all, it’s God first. We have to fix our eyes on Him. We must put Him first, and seek guidance from Him before we pursue anything, and, most importantly, in every single step of our lives. We should never lose sight of the sole goal which is to live by God’s rules, and to follow His ways.

Nominees : (Open)


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