Love Yourself! 

This is an impulsive post, meaning that I hadn’t prepped for it as I usually do with other posts. However, the passion that I’m using to write it is no less than that which I use in any other post.

In my second post on this blog titled BeYouAndDoYou, I really emphasized on loving yourself.  We are so busy expecting love from other people that we forget to actually love ourselves. The world teaches us so much, but it never teaches us how to love ourselves; and, unfortunately, most people learn how to do so the hard way. It’s necessary to appreciate yourself for who you are and who you’ve become.

I read a really good post called confessions which I really loved, and which, honestly, is the inspiration behind this post. It pointed out on so many truths of how tough it can be when you haven’t got to achieve what you always thought/expected that you would at a specific point in your life. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to not be where you want to be… Yet.  Question is, are you gonna give up?  Remember that it’s darkest before sunrise, so, chin up, get it together and keep hustling to get there!  You don’t have to be progressing with the same pace as that which you were when you began. You’re probably upset, maybe angry, right?  It’s all good, but, like Martin Luther King said, ‘..whatever you do, just keep moving. ‘ 

I don’t know what you’re necessarily going through; loss, heartbreak, disappointment,hopelessness; I really don’t know, but I hope that you realize that you’ll heal. It’s okay to be upset. It takes time to feel better. It’s okay if it takes you days, months, even years. What matters is that you’ll get better. You’ll be alright.

This isn’t only for girls, because I know some boys/men probably go through this too. Society is messed up. My advice? Forget society. Seriously.. Forget it. People have literally killed themselves because of ‘failing’ to achieve what society expects of them.

If you live to please society, trust me, you will not live.  Society is uglyyyy. You are beautiful! 💓

Regardless of the size or shape of your body, the acne/pimples on your face, the gap in your teeth, the heaviness in your tongue as you pronounce certain words ; regardless of whatever ‘flaw’ it is that you feel you have, you are beautiful.  We covet (which is a sin BTW) other people so much, instead of appreciating ourselves. Damn! Don’t you realize that you are  a masterpiece? God’s own creation. 😍  Stop hating yourself because you are not so-and-so. Infact, the physical doesn’t matter; it’s who you are on the inside that counts. You are not your hair , you are not your skin; you are the soul that lives within.  (remember that song? Throwback right? 🙌well, it’s Thursday so.. 😄) YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!! 

This is so true 😂. If you don’t love yourself, it’s like the world conspires against you and keeps leading the wrong people your way.. The type that break you, hurt you, devalue you and such. If you want to change that, change yourself first by loving yourself!  

In short, this is what I’m trying to say. The hate, the pain, whatever makes you hate the person looking back at you in the mirror; nothing will change unless you love yourself.

Just be you.  If certain people don’t see your value, le’go.  Like I also once mentioned in an earlier post, your value does not decrease by someone’s inability to see your worth. 

When all is said and done, you need to quit existing and start living. How you ask? Maybe check out one of my previous post titled DoMoreThanJustExist Enjoy your life. It’s not about making a living,  but more of making a life.  Stop saying that you’ll enjoy your life when you’re richer, or when you do this, or get that.

Be happy now. It’s never been about them (those people who make you feel inadequate). You can’t please everybody even if you tried. Quit existing. Start living.

So, my challenge to you :

Try it!! As I conclude, read these brilliant words of advice below :

Love yourself! 💕Take care! 💞:)


18 thoughts on “Love Yourself! 

  1. This is such an inspirational and motivational post!! I just found out a year ago that self love and self worth is everything – I was 13 then, and I “hated” myself because I didn’t fit into the mold society wanted me to fit into (more like the girls in school who judged me for being me) I then realized that I won’t go anywhere if I’m not being myself; I shouldn’t even listen or give into the expectations of others, because tbh, they’re points of views are useless and are plainly filled with hate to bring me down. I love myself for who I am, and I’ve achieved so much from learning my self worth ❤ I really loved this post – thanks for sharing! xx

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  2. Nice post. Quite motivational. Being yourself is the key to happy life. Living on someone else terms is a bad move. It will only give you sadness. But of you do what you really want then you can wonders. Thanks for sharing😊

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