Do More Than Just Exist!! (part one) 

So, today I’ll be touching on living Vs existing.

Life is beautiful!   Life is wonderful. If that’s so, why are so many people constantly sad/stressed/unhappy?Why then do we hate Mondays so much? Were we created to ‘live for the weekend ‘  or to remember all the good memories of life as ‘childhood’  ? Are you living,  or existing?

Here are a few of my thoughts on living life  and not just existing.   

1. Take Care Of Your Body.

I don’t mean to be boring by starting my post with this point, but I insist. Your body is a masterpiece; it needs grooming, and taking care of. Everything that technology is creating today is based on the essence of use less energy /effort.  In doing so, we are basically creating a lifestyle of ‘lazy living’, and thus, we are not taking care of our bodies.

If you play a sport, it’s automatic that you have to exercise. However, not everyone plays sports, right? That doesn’t mean that you can’t/shouldn’t exercise.. Old fashioned methods of morning jogs, going for a swim or walking those few kilometers instead of using the bus, will go a long way.

Also, watch what you eat. I’m not implying that you shouldn’t eat junk food or things like hot dogs/burgers/fries (I mean..if you don’t wanna, just pass them on to me! 😋 ) ; it just means that you need to watch the amount, and the time that you eat specific foods, Ey? (like the rule that you should lower your consumption of starch after three pm, because digestion of starch is much slower then). Love your body and care for it. Don’t expose it to many risks. Adapt healthy living for a happier life.

2. If It’s Toxic, Wave Goodbye 👋 And Le’go! 

A healthy outside starts from the inside ~ Robert Urich. 

Very many people struggle against walking out of toxic relationships (been there, done that). Whether it’s a friend, family, boyfriend/girlfriend; people will always make excuses for the person hurting or devaluing them. At some point, you need to think of yourself, and if that person (friend or whoever), is no longer adding meaning to who you are, you need to stop being afraid to walk away and actually do it. Life still goes on when you cut the sources of toxic energy out of your life; trust me. Learn when it’s time to let go. You need to be happy.

3. Food For The Soul / Spiritual Growth. 

Soul food? Yes please!

No one on this earth can give you the type of food for the soul that you need to feel at utmost peace. Look..we can lie all we want, but we all  know that God exists; and we all know that without Him, we are nothing. So, stop playing around and seek God. You want to find your purpose in life? Who better to ask than your very own Creator?

4. Pursuit Of Dreams. 

They say that integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. This very moment, is what you’re doing bringing you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Like I always say, hustle.  There isn’t a shortcut. If there was, Rapunzel wouldn’t have had to cut her hair.. Her pretty long hair.  Oh well!..but she did, didn’t she? If it was that hard for her to get her Prince Charming in just a fairy tale, just how tough do you expect it to be in real life?

5. Be Kind To Yourself. 

Mmh maybe don’t quit your job just yet.  😂 (unless you’re doing your job only for the money and not because you love it, in which case you should probably quit.) Now, this is gonna greatly contrast my previous point, but it’s all good. It’s never that serious.  If you only live to make money, then, really? Are you living or existing? When do you plan to travel with your family and make beautiful memories? Let’s not chase money too much, that our life circulates around it. We all know it gets exhausting; Take a break and make some memories.

6. Do It Now! 

Okay, so you’ll go on that trip to Hawaii next year, not this year as you had planned. You’ll call your grandpa tomorrow when you have less workload. You’ll take your kids to the mall after you win employee of the year  award. You’ll start donating to needy people when you get the manager position. You’ll ask your crush out to lunch when you have more money.. Oh, and my all time favorite.. You’ll forgive that friend who wronged you when, and only when,   they apologize to you.  Do I even need to talk about this? You yourself know what you’ve been shoving aside for a later it now!

7. Last but not least, Be A Good Person. 

Me : It’s not fair. I keep doing good but it never comes back to me.

My mum : Don’t get tired of doing good!   

Yes, my friend; don’t get tired of doing good;  and just because one, two or a million people wrongly took advantage of your kindness, keep having a good heart. 

So, that’s basically it. As I finish up:

Let’s change our lifestyle a little bit (0r a lot, for those who have been greatly existing 😂) , let’s.. 


Have a beautiful day/evening !


24 thoughts on “Do More Than Just Exist!! (part one) 

  1. I was in the middle of writing a post for my new series ‘Positive Monday’. I’m glad you wrote this awesome post! I’ll be using this instead by reblogging. 🙂

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