The Blogger Recognition Award! 

Hey! 🙂 I hope you’re good.

Yeah..I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this, but I hope that you realize that the weekend is over…okay relax. I’m just saying 😂👐

All the same, I hope that you don’t live for the weekend, because if you do, then you ain’t living. (anyways, that’s a story for another day.. Or rather, post..)

So, today I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you RiyaRajayyan for that. Her blog is beautiful 🙌so rush there and check it out.



Ha! This will be interesting.. I’m going to be the first to admit that when I first began my blog, it wasn’t with/for the right no.. Chill.. I do love writing, but..

..I was in a rough spot in my life so, I was trying dodge my problems instead of dealing with them(WORST. IDEA. EVER. 😂!..we should face our problems…. Not run away from them.) so, TBH, I was active for like two days, then I figured I needed to face my fears and problems head on (writing wasn’t helping) ; technically, I opened the blog about five months ago, and just left it dead(haha!)

My first step was dealing with my spiritual life, which was basically going down the drain, but, with enough effort, I managed to get it back on track.

Basically, I took time off my blog, and left a few social media platforms for a while to deal with the toxic energy/people around me.

So, end of February this year, I was in a much better and happier place; and thus, I reopened my blog.

After getting real with life, I decided to start sharing my thoughts and ideas with other people. I know I’m not that old, but, as old or as young as we are, life has taught us different things in different ways. These things and ways, are what I want to share, and hear.

Haha. In the rules, they said brief story.. oh well.. I tried *sips coffee*

Two Pieces Of Advice To New Bloggers!

Oyaa! I’m new to blogging too, so I’m not gonna give any ‘pro’ advice; just my thoughts :

1. Be Real!

Relax! This isn’t about my obsession with Juggie 😍 (Cole Sprouse)….. Okay. It totally is, but the thing is, have you seen this guy? The goofy faces he makes in pictures, how open and interactive he is with people around him? It’s probably why everyone watching Riverdale can’t get enough of him..he literally brings so much life to Jughead.. That’s my point.. It’s never that serious. Be real. Have a kind of atmosphere that people feel free to compliment or positively criticise.. Just feel what you write.. Feel it. And take it easy. Be real!!

2. Be Yourself.

No further words needed!! The picture ^ speaks for itself.

My Nominees.

First fifteen likers? I mean.. Why not? I know I did this in my last post and it didn’t really work but..I’m really busy of late and it’s the best I can do. Now, for real, if you’re among the first fifteen likers of this post, I nominate you for the Blogger Recognition Award.. I’m serious. 😂 go ahead and do it. I’ll comment on your blogs to let you know this time. 🙂

PS. I’ll be starting the five day song challenge on Wednesday. New blog post coming up soon.

Happy new week! 🙌


22 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award! 

  1. Congrats and great advice. Heh! Cole Sprouse. He’s come a long way from The Suite Life! He is the life on/off set and… I need to stop talking about this boy. Look at what you made me do! Anyways, I love this post and I’m glad you took the time that you needed to rediscover yourself. Happy week to you too! 🙂

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