Be The Spark In Their Flame!! 

Yes yes; be the spark in their flame!

In many of my posts, I talk about believing in,  and chasing after your dreams,  but it just occurred to me that I have been ignoring a very important point, so I chose to address it in this post. You know how it feels starting a business, or pursuing a dream ; it’s never easy, right? You also know a friend or relative who is doing the same thing (pursuing a goal or a dream) ; so, what impact do you have on them? Knowing well of how necessary a good support system is for you  in your  pursuit, are you being that  support system to them?   Today, let’s think a little less of ourselves, okay? let’s start..

I mentioned to you guys that my sister got a new job, which requires her to relocate. Moving means that she will require a moving truck, because she had enough things in her apartment; and by enough, I mean very many 😂 ! Anyways, so yesterday I was talking to my mum about the moving plans, and at some point, my mum mentioned that they were using one of our neighbors’ moving truck. I was impressed with my parents. I won’t lie. They could have chosen any moving company to use, but they chose that of our neighbors. How often do you do that? You are holding a birthday party and you go all the way to a specific bakery to buy a cake, yet your next door neighbor has just launched her small baking business. Maybe he/she is not the best, but they are growing. What type of person are you? Do you really believe that by helping someone’s business grow/dream come true, your own will fail? You want people to support you, but really, are you supporting those around you? Think about it! 

Just the other day, I went for a photoshoot. My friend was the photographer. When I posted some pictures, my really good friend hit my inbox saying, “hey. Next time you going for a free shoot, hit me up! ”  and it got me thinking..If I, who is a friend and is trying to support his growing business, doesn’t pay, then how exactly is he supposed to cover his expenses? You get? As a friend, it doesn’t give you a free ticket to whatever products or services that your friend is offering. I paid less than he would usually charge other people, but I still had to pay. I find this misconception of ‘hey I’m your friend, I get a free pass ‘  quite wrong. Build your friend’s dream by supporting them in the right way.  Not just financially, encourage them too. Remember that by doing so, you are nurturing a dream,  and that is very special.

Be the type of person who ignites the fire of someone’s dream. Keep them going. Help them out in anyway that you possibly can. If they are having a hard time, be their strength. Give them hope. All I’m trying to emphasize is, be that positive drive that leads people to achieve their dreams. Don’t be too obsessed with your own, that you forget those around you. Don’t put them down or instill fear in them. Be the spark  in their flame. Like I once told someone, there is enough success for everyone. Let’s build each other up, and ignite each others’ dream.

Can you imagine someone coming up to you and saying that ^? Honestly, I think I would just start crying 😂. How beautiful to be the reason that someone never gave up. It is such a selfless act, and such acts truly bring blessings from God up above, that we could never receive from anybody on this earth. You have that chance with someone somewhere..take it! 

This is what I need to sink in! Helping someone achieve their dreams never stops you from achieving yours. If anything, it brings you closer !  You, also, may not necessarily be in a position to directly assist someone, friend or stranger, to get there; but do you know that, by not hating on or ridiculing  that person’s dreams or growing business, you have moved them a step ahead? Words are powerful and can’t be taken back, so, if you have no way to help, or you know that what you are thinking of saying out loud is not positive criticism  , then you are literally  hurting nobody by keeping your mouth shut! 🙂

Yes. As I said, it’s not all about the ‘mullah’.  Knowing that someone’s got your back makes the tough ride look less scary. Just by a simple statement like, ‘ are things going? Not good. Aah no worries. It’ll get better. Trust me! ‘  Ha! At that point, y’all don’t even necessarily have to know whether it will even get better soon or not, but it makes it easier, and it’s just.. (words fail me)’s just..beautiful to know that someone’s got you! 

So, in conclusion, be there for others too!

As always, remember to; 

…and, of course, keep working hard and praying harder to.. 

Yes!! Now this final part is irrelevant (💯), but I just had to say how jazzed I am by the season premiere of the series ‘Riverdale’ ..

…which is based on some of my favorite comic books   (Archie/Jughead/Betty And Veronica).

I am super excited and I love how they turned the comic into a type of thriller! 😍 Okay that’s it ..hey chill! I did warn you that it was totally 💯 irrelevant 😂 

Alright. Have a lovely week! 🙂


33 thoughts on “Be The Spark In Their Flame!! 

  1. Very well written. it’s true now it’s time to put our thoughts in theory. I especially liked this line a lot, “there is enough success for everyone. Let’s build each other up, and ignite each others’ dream.”

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. There is space for all of us if we help each in achieving our goals. It’s not because you’re a successful blogger or business person or whatever that I can’t be too. We can both be whatever we want be and be good at it. There is no need for bad competition and envy. I usually feel very happy when other people achieve their goals and get the things they worked hard for. I always thank God for making me like this, someone who can appreciate what others have and feel genuine joy.

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