My Thoughts To The Young People !!

They all say that the future is in the hands of the younger generation, right?

Here’s a short..okay.. Here’s a Not-so-short  😂 list that I made of a few of the things that I think all young people should bear in mind.

1. Knowledge is power. 

First, if you haven’t watched this movie yet, I highly suggest that you buy some popcorn and do exactly that. It focuses at a time when racism still existed, and women were looked down upon when it came to certain jobs. However, these three women conquered all odds and achieved their dreams. How? Education! Knowledge!   I know school sucks sometimes, but we need to get that education. I won’t comment here much, but take a look at this picture below.

I hope that changes your perspective even in the slightest way.

2. Exploit your talents and gifts.

Don’t hold back on your abilities. Exploit what you are good at. Invest enough time to become better at it. It could be what pays your bills in future.  Who knows! Don’t sit on it.

Speaking of talent, my amazing friend, David,  is really into music, and has a soundcloud page. If you love EDM,  and even if you don’t, you need to visit his soundcloud page right now me !.. His beats are really good.    Also, do visit his instagram page to hear some of the music he shares, and his YouTube page as well.. Still keeping up? Good. Now do it!
3. Be Innovative /Think outside the box

Please, stop underestimating the brilliant ideas you could come up with. When you think of an idea, write it down. It could be a billion-dollar idea in the near future. Don’t shove it away.

You want to solve a problem in the wold? Do it  ! Just remember to think far and wide. Think out of your comfort zone. Explore the unexplored ideas . You are smart. So don’t doubt yourself, and don’t worry about rejection or failure. It happens. Just get up and try again. You need inspiration? It’s cool. Just Read about anybody who became successful.. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Albert  Einstein name it. It took them time to get to where they got to, so be patient.

4. Be Flexible.  

Just recently, my sister got to work with a company which required her to relocate a bit far from home, so about a week ago,  I took her to the cyber to scan the contract. When we were done,as we were paying, the woman behind the counter, who is also the owner of the cyber, began to converse with my sister as below : (paraphrased)

Woman : Wow! Nice job. This seems like a pretty good company. You should try and connect me there. I can do a lot when it comes to computers.

My sister :  Haha. Thank you. Well, I can’t promise to get you a job there, but I can definitely forward your CV to them (my sister is a firm believer that you don’t need to know someone powerful in a company to get a job, and I truly agree with her. All the jobs that  she has got are through her own hard work.)

W : Thanks. I’d appreciate. Where is it?

MS : *states location*

W : *shocked* that’s pretty far. I couldn’t leave my kids. They are too young.

Which brings me to my point..Oyaa  ! You can cut the direct-conversation theme. It’s me talking now. Haha.

So, as a young person, nothing is tying you down… Yet.  While you have the chance to move around,do it. Travel. Stop turning down a beautiful opportunity because it’s ‘so far away’.  Now is the time. Pack your bags and pursue that chance. You’ll grow older, and whether you like it or not, you won’t be as flexible as you currently are.

5. Listen To Your Parents!!

Oh boy  ! So you watched one episode of McGyver and now you think that  you’ve got everything under control, huh? C’mon.

Replace teenagers  in that picture to include young adults  too. You will never grow too old to listen to your parents’ words of advice. Call them old fashioned, but they do have more experience than you do; and call me old fashioned, but I do think that you should listen to them.

Don’t ignore your parents. Don’t be rude to them. You are still their baby, no matter how old you grow, and they will always have your best interest at heart. So sit your ass down and listen to them.

6. Be Kind.. Do good!  

Like I said in an earlier post, it is never too early in your career to begin helping people. Likewise, you are never to young to be helping people. Give that coin, visit that home, take part in that voluntary work, help that elderly person cross the road. Give a helping hand, and not only to those people who you don’t know.. Sometimes, even those closest to you may need to be the target of your kindness or goodness. Look, all I’m saying is,

7. Guard your heart, and those of others.

Oh dear! Take good care of that heart. It’s not a toy. Don’t go experimenting with it. Please note, I don’t mean that you should guard it only from the romance kind of love; even from friends and people who want to mess with it. Protect your heart. Even the Bible itself asks you to do so.

Likewise, a very wise thing my sister said to me, “you yourself, don’t go breaking people’s hearts too.”  Again, I would like to say, not just in terms of the romance kind of love, but in any way. Do unto others as you want done unto you.  

8. Control your emotions.  

Please! Keep those emotions on a leash. Think before you act on basis of what you feel. I don’t mean to be rude.. No really.. I don’t.. But don’t be stupid. Reason before you act.  

9. Check Yourself.

Last but not least,

And of course,

( So, just a BTW, I’m trying to get a more arranged way of blogging.. In terms of time/day and content. As I’m looking into that, my next blog will be on Friday, and it’ll be a bit of a funny one. I bet you’ll laugh.  So, till Friday, take care 🙂  .. )


13 thoughts on “My Thoughts To The Young People !!

  1. Standing to applaud!! this is pretty much one of the best piece I’ve ever read..that’s my Shkide mehn👊😝😝👆.keep doing what you do best Sly. This is soooooo AMAZING.

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