FOLLOW YourHeart Vs. LISTEN ToYourBrain

Your heart. Your brain. Which to follow?

There is absolutely no way of emphasising how hard it is to make a decision when your heart and mind are asking you to do the complete opposites of each other. “My heart says go, but my mind says no. “  Which one, then, should you follow?

NOTE: This is my personal view on things 🙂

There is no denying that following one’s heart brings happiness. Decisions made from the heart are special, because they act from energy which is generated from within. It feels genuine and true.It feels right. 

However, there is no lying that sometimes what the heart tries to make us believe can be a bit unrealistic.  ( Not all the time though.) See, listening to your mind, means listening to the voice of logic and reason. The heart acts on impulse, but the mind helps to see clearly, beyond the excitement that our hearts feed us. It shows us the truth of the matter. It shows us the risks involved.  The problem is, if we live our lives without taking risks, (because  following our hearts is exactly  that, taking risks.. I mean, think of it : falling in love, starting a new business, traveling on an expensive trip to see the world..  There are risks involved.. Be it money  or the heart itself. ), then have we really lived?

So,  we cannot just sit down and decide not to do something because our mind tells us not to.. Whoaa chill.. If it’s bad, don’t do it.. Please.  I’m referring to goals, dreams, relationships, ambitions.  One way or another, we are going to have to give That little faith that says, “hey! This might just but work out. “ , a chance. That aside, how many times have you had a feeling that someone isn’t who they say they are and turned out to be right?  Or had a gut feeling not to do something, and ended up protecting yourself from a whole load of damage you didn’t see coming? Exactly!  Sometimes, following our hearts actually protects us in ways we couldn’t imagine.

That being said, how many times have you done something from a good place in your heart, and ended up messing things up? (this reminds me of all the times Gaby ruins things in the comedy ‘Young And Hungry’ 😂)  or how many times have you sat down, regretted doing something so much, and spent all your time wishing you had listened to the voice in your head? You see my point? Yes.. Sometimes, you should really give your voice of reason and logic a chance. 

Yes yes.. I know what you’re thinking.. All that talk (or write) and still no conclusion on whether to follow your heart or listen to your brain.   Lemme conclude this by giving you my final opinion down below :

Haha.. I know. We are still where we started… But c’mon.. Really.. What would you choose to follow? It’s pretty hard.

Fact is, both have their good sides and bad sides. The only way to win this is do both. Yes. Follow your heart , but take your brain with you 🙂



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